Dr.Deena Elsori

Assistant Professor of Biology and Coordinator of Public health program

Tel #: +025015450


Educational Background

  • August 2009 : PhD in Cell Biology/Molecular Medicine Cleveland Clinic/Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH, USA.
  • September 2003- June 2004 : M.Sc. Candidate,Medical Biochemistry,Kuwait University, Kuwait.
  • July 2003 : B.Sc. with honors,Molecular Biology/Biochemistry,Kuwait University, Kuwait.

Additional Certification:

Dual-Use Biosecurity Education (Graduate level)

July 2011. School of Social and International Studies, University of Bradford, UK.

Mini Bio

Dr. Deena Elsori serves as an Assistant Professor of Biology and Coordinator of the Public Health Program at the Department of Applied Sciences and Mathematics in Abu Dhabi University. At her current position she is in charge of teaching and developing all of the biology related courses including the general biology courses, genetics and microbiology. She is also in charge of developing and setting up the biology labs for teaching purposes. Dr. Elsori has proven to be a successful teacher and managed to receive the college teaching award in Spring 2013 based on student’s evaluation and peer review results.

As a coordinator of the Public Health program, she was in charge of writing and obtaining accreditation for the new degree, B.Sc. in Public Health. The program has completed its second year and is running successfully. She also served as the chair of the University Undergraduate Council for more than a year and managed to successfully address with the help of the council members major issues and policies proposed to the council. Furthermore, she was the chair of the Honors Council that was responsible for putting together an Honors Program/Honors Society for ADU students. Dr. Elsori has served and continues to serve as an active member of different University, College and Department committees.

Before joining Abu Dhabi University she was a graduate student and a postdoctoral fellow at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States. Her research focused on studying signal transduction pathways that contribute to the progression of chronic inflammation, namely atherosclerosis. Most of her work was done on the enzyme NADPH Oxidase and the role of the receptor Dectin-1 on the activation of this enzyme complex.


  • Biochemistry: Protein Separation by SDS PAGE, Western Blotting, Preparation of post-nuclear extracts from human monocytes, Protein quantification.
  • Immunology/Cell Biology: Flow cytometry analysis, Spectrophotometric assay for superoxide anion measurement, measuring radio labeled arachidonic acid release, familiarity with handling radioactive material and awareness of safety protocol.
  • Molecular Biology: Preparation of competent cells, Colony screening, Cloning, Vector preparation, Ligation reactions, Nucleic Acid Extraction, Restriction Digest Analysis, Gel preparation, Agarose gel electrophoresis, Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE), Transient Transfection in primary human monocytes by electroporation, Dominant negatives and preparing DNA minipreps and maxipreps.
  • Tissue Culture: Isolation of primary human monocytes from whole blood of healthy donors, Cell separation by Ficoll density gradient and adhering to serum coated flasks and maintaining cells.
  • Phlebotomy: Experienced in drawing blood, required for monocyte isolation.


  • November 2009 - present: Assistant Professor of Biology/ Coordinator of Public Health Program. Department of Applied Sciences and Mathematics, College of Arts and Science, Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
  • September 2009 - November 2009: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Cell Biology, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH. USA.


  • Role of Pattern recognition receptors (Dectin-1) in NADPH Oxidase activation and innate immunity.
  • Studying signal transduction pathways that contribute to the progression of metabolic diseases and chronic inflammation, namely atherosclerosis.
  • Mechanisms responsible for the formation of atherosclerotic lesions through lipid oxidation.
  • Investigating approaches that could regulate the activity of NADPH oxidase and production of Reactive Oxygen Species.
  • I am also interested in research related to Public Health issues.

Recent Publications:

  • Deena H. Elsori, Valentin P. Yakubenko, Talat Roome, Praveena S. Thiagarajan,Ashish Bhattacharjee, Satya P. Yadav, and Martha K. Cathcart. Protein kinase C δ is a critical component of Dectin-1 signaling in primary human monocytes. Journal of Leukocyte Biology. 90:3599-611, June, 2011.
  • Praveena S. Thiagarajan, Valentin P. Yakubenko, Deena H. Elsori, Satya P. Yadav, Belinda Willard, Carmela D. Tan, Rene E. Rodriguez and Martha K. Cathcart. Vimentin is an endogenous ligand for the pattern recognition receptor Dectin-1. Journal of Cardiovascular Research. Cardiovasc Res (2013) doi: 10.1093/cvr/cvt117. May, 2013.


  • The American Society of Cell Biology.
  • European Society for Clinical Investigation.