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  • Please refer to the programs offered at Abu Dhabi University listed below and select up to two programs you are interested in:

University College

  • The College has been designed to provide an academic home to new students who are just beginning their postsecondary studies.


    The Mission of The University College (UC) is to provide an integrated learning experience through a universal body of knowledge that form the liberal arts foundation for all the baccalaureate degrees offered at Abu Dhabi University.

    The University Requirement courses in the University College have been organized in a manner that builds students' capacity to function in the contemporary international society of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region. In addition, the University College experience promotes understanding of the interrelationship between language capacity; knowledge of the history and customs of the UAE; and the role of mathematics and information technology, science and social science in one's personal and professional life. The University College experience for undergraduate students equips them to engage in the successful pursuit of their chosen major in one of the academic colleges of the University, in their professional career after Abu Dhabi University, and in the context of a well-educated member of society. Upon completion of the University Requirement courses in the University College, Abu Dhabi University students will have the capacity to critically analyze information that is presented to them both within the confines of the college classroom and in their professional capacities, by providing them with the skills and knowledge to be leaders in their chosen careers. Concurrently, students are prepared in the University College through an integrated liberal arts education, to engage in advanced academic study in the major field of their choice in business, engineering, education, computer science or one of the many other career degree choices available at the University.

  • Local and Global Perspectives

    Students will be able to understand and appreciate the complex social factors associated with the development of the United Arab Emirates as a society rooted in its history, culture and religion, yet open to the challenges and contributions of modern, international society. In addition, Abu Dhabi University students who complete their University Requirements will demonstrate an appreciation of how to cope with the challenges associated with an integrated university studies program in an ethical and personally responsible manner.

    Advanced English and Arabic Language Skills

    Students will be able to listen, read, write and speak in English and Arabic such that they can function in the multicultural environment of the University and the international business environment of the United Arab Emirates. Students will demonstrate their facility in written and spoken English by completing courses in their majors in the English language.

    Facility in Communication

    Students will be able to organize and present their ideas and research in a variety of settings throughout their academic career at Abu Dhabi University. Courses in the UC, as well as in the academic colleges, require that students work individually and in groups to conduct research, prepare presentations, and deliver those presentations individually and collectively to classes, and when appropriate, to external audiences.

    Critical and Analytical Reasoning

    Students will be able to comprehend a range of approaches to analyzing mathematical, statistical and scientific disciplinary approaches for understanding an issue; identifying a problem; separating symptoms of the problem; analyzing how to solve the problem; and appreciating in a linear context of critical reasoning. They will be able to use their cognitive abilities to select an appropriate method for conceptualizing issues, defining problems, and developing responses in an ethical and reasoned manner.

    Technology and Computer Facility

    Students will be able to utilize information technology to assist with their learning, and apply basic skills and applications in their course work, and personal and professional lives.

    Leadership and Teamwork

    Students will take advantage of their in-class studies and extracurricular opportunities to develop their abilities to work closely with others in a cross-cultural environment; to organize and complete projects; to create and deliver presentations with other students and the university community; and to provide leadership both in their group work in classes and in their extracurricular activities.

  • Abu Dhabi faculty

    Full-time experienced faculty, all of whom have both theoretical and practical knowledge with PhD degrees from well-recognized American and European Universities.

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    AL AIN FAculty

    Full-time experienced faculty, all of whom have both theoretical and practical knowledge with PhD degrees from well-recognized American and European Universities.

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    Abu Dhabi Faculty

    • Dr. Sreethi Nair

      Dean, University College,

      PhD, Educational Psychology

      University of Kerala, India

      Tel #: +97125015716


    • Ms. Anne Syokau Shabaya

      Instructor of English - UC

      MA Tesol

      Sheffield Hallam University UK

      Tel #: +97125015369


    • Dr. Ashwitha Antony- D'Souza

      Assistant Professor of English , Coordinator of Writing Center

      PhD English

      University of Pune, India

      Tel #: +97125015708


    • Ms. Beena Vijayavalsalan

      Senior Instructor of English

      B.A., M.A., B.Ed., CELTA

      Tel #: +97137090730


    • Dr. Gehan Labib Hafez Abu ElEnain

      Natural Sciences Coordinator
      & Assistant Professor of Immunology and Parasitology

      PhD in Parasitology and Immunology

      Tel #: +97125015383


    • Mrs. Hala Nazmy

      Senior Instructor in Mathematics, Math and Science Program Director
      Learning Support Center Coordinator

      Certification in Mathematics, Maine Ministry of Education,

      Augusta, Maine, USA, Mathematics. (2002).

      Tel #: +97125015606


    • Mr. Hatem Mohamed Deif

      Math Instructor

      M.S. in Electrical Engineering.

      University of Louisville, USA

      Tel #: +97125015786


    • Mrs. Jaya Sunil Kumar

      Statistics Coordinator, UC

      M Sc Mathematics,

      Calicut University, Kerala, India

      Tel #: +97125015734


    • Mr. Larbi Ben Thaier

      Senior Instructor Of Arabic Language.

      He holds a Master degree: Certificate of Aptitude in Research in Arabic literature, Language and civilization,

      The University of Tunis, College of Arts and Human Sciences- Mannouba, Tunisia.

    • Mrs. Nudrat Qayyum

      Course Coordinator of ENG100
      Instructor of ENG100

      MA, English Language & Literature

      University of Baluchistan, Pakistan

      Tel #: +97125015787


    • Mrs. Rubina Qureshi

      Senior Instructor and Coordinator of UAE and GCC Society

      Master in Education

      Tel #: +97125015614


    • Mr. Sam E. Eldakak

      Senior Instructor

      Doctorate in Education-Leadership

      Tel #: +97125015867


    • Ms. Smitha Dev

      General Psychology Coordinator, University College

      M. Phil in Applied Psychology

      Mother Theresa Women's University, India

      Tel #: +97125015627


    • Ms. Sura Qiqieh

      Coordinator of English II Course (ENG200)
      Senior Instructor of English

      MA, English Linguistics

      Yarmouk University, Jordan

      Tel #: +97125015650


    • Dr. Tara Al Hadithi

      Director of the Language Program in University College
      Assistant Professor of Translation and Linguistics

      PhD in Translation and Linguistics

      Al-Mustansiriya University-Baghdad/Iraq. (2006)

      Tel #: +97125015807


    • Mrs. Yara Azouqa

      Senior Instructor of English
      UC Learning Community Coordinator


      Jordan University, Amman, Jordan/ English Language & Literature.

      Tel #: +97125015621


    AL Ain Faculty

    • Dr. Lamis Jomah Abu Lebda

      Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

      Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Applications.

      University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

      Tel #: +97137090733


    • Mr. Maher Heal

      ITE 100 course coordinator Instructor

      Ph.D. Student in Computer Science,

      Stirling University, United Kingdom.

      Tel #: +97137090732


    • Dr. Mohammed AL Zokani

      Assistant Professor and Coordinator

      PHD in Arabic Linguistics,

      University of Damascus, Syria 2008

    • Mr. Rafik Zinoubi

      Faculty in University College
      UNS100 Course Coordinator

      Master's of Arts in Education Leadership

      Abu Dhabi University, UAE

      Tel #: +97137090749


    • Dr. Sana Abdallah Rawaqa

      Assistant Professor of UAE and GCC Society and Professional Ethics

      Ph.D. in International Law and MA in International Economic Law and Development,

      Paris Descartes University (Paris V).

      Tel #: +97137090729


    • Mr. Shannon Glasgow

      UC Al Ain Coordinator

      English Language Instructor

      M.A. English as a Foreign Language
      Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

      Tel #: +97137090740


  • The University Requirements (42 semester credits/14 courses), in conjunction with the University's coordinated student activities and student government program, prepare students to achieve the seven learning outcomes of the college through a curriculum that provides a uniform educational experience in the liberal arts and sciences to all students in preparation for the academic challenges of the range of accredited baccalaureate degrees offered through the University.

    This curriculum is comprised of the following common courses:

    Language Skills:

    • English: English I ENG100, English II ENG105, and Business & Technical Communications ENG201
    • Arabic: ARL100 and ARL105

    Mathematics and Science Knowledge:

    • Math: College Mathematics MTG100 and Mathematics for Science and Technology MTT101
    • Statistics: General Statistics STT100

    Natural Sciences:

    • Natural Sciences NSC201

    Social Sciences and Cultural Awareness:

    UAE and GCC Society SOC201; Islamic Culture ISL100; Psychology PSY201; University Studies Skills UNS100; Philosophy PHI300

    Information Technology:

    Introduction to Information Technology Applications ITE100

    Students in the University College have advisors who are assigned to them by the UC; however, once students are admitted into one of the degree majors in an academic college, they are assigned advisors by that academic college.


Undergraduate Open Day November 10, 2014
Pink October October 1 to 31, 2014
ADU Career Conference September 21 to 25, 2014
ADU Club Festival October 19, 20 and 22, 2014
Town Hall Meeting Sept 22, 2014

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