Mr.Al Arabi Thaier

Arabic Language Course Coordinator
Senior Instructor of Arabic

Tel #: +97125015656


Educational Background

He holds a Master degree: Certificate of Aptitude in Research in Arabic literature, Language and civilization from the University of Tunis, College of Arts and Human Sciences- Mannouba, Tunisia.

Mini Bio

He worked since 1985 in the field of education in Tunisia, Oman and UAE. He is one of the founders of Abu Dhabi University-UAE since 2003. He is Coordinator of Communication Skills in Arabic. He is expert in Teaching, Manuscripts' Investigating, Editing and Annotating and Translation from English and French to Arabic. In addition to Arabic Language Courses, he also taught Arabic Civilization and University Study Skills. He is also well versed in Arabic Curriculum Development and Course Designing for Natives and Non-Native Speakers. He published a book and more than sixteen articles, essays and interviews in referred journals, magazines, newspapers and cultural websites. Other works are now as drafts. His community involvement is Ecological and Cultural Activities. His research interests are Literature and Environment (Eco-critical approach), and Discourse Analysis (Cultural, Linguistic, Historical and Media discourses)