Dr. Mohamed El Amrousi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Department Chair


Educational Background

  • Ph.D. History & Theory of Architecture, University of California, Los Angeles, LA, USA 2001
  • Master's in Islamic Architecture, American University in Cairo, AUC, Cairo, Egypt1994
  • B.Sc. in Architectural Engineering, Ain-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt1989

Mini Bio

Areas of Competence

  • Heritage and Conservation.
  • Islamic Architecture.
  • Architectural Theory and Design.


  • Associate Professor, Abu Dhabi University, UAE.2013-Now
  • Assistant Professor, Abu Dhabi University, UAE.2011-2013
  • Assistant Professor, United Arab Emirates University. UAE2000-2011
  • Assistant Professor, MUST, Cairo, Egypt2003-2004
  • Instructor (Post Graduate), UCLA. Los Angeles, USA2002-2003
  • Teaching Assistant, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA.1997-2001

Research & Scholarly activities

  • El Amrousi, M., & Biln, J. (2013), Abu Dhabi: Forms and Fragments, Muslim Space and the Living City. International Journal of Islamic Architecture, vol. 2:2. (Intellect Publishing, UK).
  • El Amrousi, M. & Biln, J. (2013), Global Changes and Competing Images of Modernity in Abu Dhabi, International Journal of Engineering Technology, vol. 2:2. (GSTF-Publishing)
  • El Amrousi, M. (2012). Imperial Sanctuaries: Arab Urban Enclaves on the East African Coast. In (Ed). Fassil Demissie. Colonial Architecture and Urbanism in Africa, Ch.3, 67-84, (Ashgate Publishing,UK).
  • El Amrousi, M., & Biln, J. (2011). Sharjah's Islamic Urban Identity and the Living City. Journal of Islamic Architecture. , 1(4), 190-198, (Word press, MY).
  • El Amrousi, M., & Biln, J. (2010). Muscat Emerging; Tourism and Cultural Space. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, 8(4), 254-266 , (Routledge Press, London).
  • El Amrousi, M. Al-Sabbagh, N. (2013), Contemporary Spaces of Islam, Built Environment and the replacement of conventional forms, an assessment, SB2013 Realizing Sustainability in the tropics.
  • El Amrousi, M. (2012). Dubai: Heritage House, Alternative Exhibitions, the vernacular as a codified expression of culture. Heritage 2012, 3rd International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development. Porto-Portugal, June 2012. (Published in ebook: Heritage 2012, Ch.5, 1133-1141).

Consultancy & Industry Experience

Consultant for several architecture projects in Egypt and the Middle East, such as:

  • Design of SOS Relief Project and Emergency Housing; (2002-2003)
  • Design and Supervision of Construction of Futures Educational Complex, (Cairo-1994-1997)
  • Design of and Supervision Women's Health Care Centers, Ministry of Health (Egypt-1996-1997)
  • Conservation and Restoration of 18th century School –"Madrassa of Jawhar al-Lalah", (1992-1993)

Membership of Scientific & Professional Societies

  • Egyptian Society of Architectural Engineers, Member since 1989.