Dr.Gehan Labib Hafez Abu ElEnain

Assistant professor, Coordinator of Natural Sciences
Coordinator of AD Science Festival ADU / ADEC

Tel #: +97125015383


Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Biology: “Parasitology and Immunology”, Cairo University, Egypt 2001
  • M.Sc. Biology: “Parasitology and Invertebrate”, Menofia University, Egypt 1994
  • Pre-Master Degree (1yr) "Protozoa & Invertebrates", Menofia University, Egypt 1991
  • B.Sc. Faculty of Science, Biology, Menofia University, Egypt 1990

Mini Bio

Dr. Gehan has been working in Abu Dhabi University for seven years, teaching and coordinating Natural Science courses. She has finished her research study for the PhD at the University of California, San Francisco, and was awarded the degree from Cairo University in 2001. Dr. Gehan has been granted several scholarships and awards for her outstanding performance as a student and researcher. She also has a remarkable record of publications and student-engagement activities as well as community service. 


  • Proficient in the knowledge, skills, and expertise in the area of specialization
  • Communicate research findings and their implications orally and in writing to colleagues and client
  • Develop goals and objectives, performance indicators, focused and practical lesson plans and materials for a variety of audiences through an understanding of the teaching/learning process. 
  • Have a well-knowledge of educational practices, principles, and learning styles. 
  • Participate effectively in program evaluation, matching the evaluation technique to the program. 
  • Determine learner needs and assets and match these to program design
  • Examine and organize content, selecting appropriate teaching tools. 
  • Create an effective learning environment, working toward specific outcomes

Research Interests

  • Infectious diseases caused by intestinal parasites
  • Bio-drug discovery.
  • Diagnosis of diseases
  • Parasites-Environment relationship
  • Science-Education relevant topics


  • Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Natural Sciences, Abu Dhabi University, UAE (February 2012-present)
  • Research Associate Professor of Parasitology; Theodore Bilharz Research Institute, Egypt (April, 2016 - present)
  • Adjunct-Faculty of Natural Sciences, University College, Abu Dhabi University, AlAin, UAE (Spring 2009/10- Fall 2011/12)
  • Research Assistant Professor of Immunology & Parasitology, TBRI, Giza, Egypt (Nov.2001- March 2016


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  • Gehan L Hafez (1997). “Studies on soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors: Fc construct as a therapeutic agent in Schistosomiasis mansoni”. FINAL REPORT OF YOUNG SCIENTIST RESEARCH AWARD, Schistosomiasis Research Program sponsored by joint USAID/MOH; PROJECT No. 12-13-01.
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  • Egyptian Scientific Syndicate (1991-present)
  • Emerging Infectious diseases since 1996
  • American Society of Parasitologists, Jan 2015 – Jan 2018
  • European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious diseases (ESCMID) 2012 -2015; renewed till 2020
  • Journal of United Parasitologists (JUP), 2012-present.
  • E-Medscape week in review 2005– present.
  • E-New Scientists since 2009.
  • Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (RSTMH) till 2015.
  • Nature Methods (2011-2013).