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ADU & William Marsh Rice University Sign MOU Agreement to Bolster Joint Research

Feb 10, 2021, 19:15 PM by Waqas Baig
ADU signed an MOU with Rice University, a comprehensive research university and one of North America's most respected private higher education institutions.

ADU signed an MOU with Rice University, a comprehensive research university and one of North America's most respected private higher education institutions.  

Under the agreement, the two institutions will facilitate direct contact and ties between students, faculty, administrative staff, departments, centers, and related institutions. Within ADU and Rice University's mutual fields, the agreement will also enable an exchange program for undergraduate students, research, and a myriad of learning opportunities. The two universities are also set to engage in shared workshops, seminars, and other mutually beneficial activities. Professor Waqar Ahmad, Chancellor of ADU, and David Leebron, President of Rice University, signed the collaboration agreement.

Professor Waqar Ahmad commented, "We are dedicated to fulfilling ADU's vision to expand its research activities and build a reputation as a research-oriented university recognized nationally, regionally, and internationally. Partnering with Rice University will help us broaden the reach of our professional network, address topics relevant to national development, and support researchers in the production of knowledge and research-based problem-solving. The drive to achieve these types of inter-institutional synergies has always been at the heart of our research activity."

"The student exchange, development, and research programs between our two institutions will also open doors for faculty and students to pursue research in a global context. We are confident we share the same belief that this exchange of knowledge and experience will foster educated future leaders in policymaking and fulfill our promise to supporting research across all fields", he added.  

President Leebron noted that “the synergies between the two institutions are exciting, and the speed with which we have begun to collaborate bodes well for the creation of deep engagements. Rice is developing high priority partnerships with a very small number of ambitious and far-sighted universities around the world. ADU is such an institution, and the Rice community stands ready to engage with ADU faculty and students in innovative research and teaching activities.”

The research alliance is one of the most important areas, with both institutions looking to expand their research topics into various fields, working together to explore subjects of common interest that will further advance their students' knowledge.

ADU and Rice University are also set to collaborate on student exchange programs, joint studies/research, and promotion of training activities. Additionally, the exchange program will provide an excellent opportunity for students at both universities to experience each country's cultural diversity and vibrancy.

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