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Highest standards of research and innovation

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP)

Abu Dhabi University is committed to the highest standards of research and innovation. The promotion of nationally and internationally competitive research is a core strategic goal, supporting the United Arab Emirates in making a significant contribution in a globally competitive environment in line with Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Vision. The drive to address topics relevant to national development, and to support researchers in the production of knowledge and research-based problem solving, is at the heart of our research activity.

We endeavour to conduct research that is:

  • Meaningful to the individual academic.
  • Responsible and responsive to the needs of society.
  • Creative, innovative, and academically-rigorous. ADU rewards risk-taking in the pursuit of excellence and offers the infrastructure to support this.

Build a reputation as a research-oriented university

Vison & Mission

The Vison


The ORSP was created to help Abu Dhabi University expand its research activities and build a reputation as a research-oriented university recognized nationally, regionally, and internationally.


The Mission


The mission of the ORSP is to pursue excellence in selected strategic areas of applied research and innovative scholarly pursuits compatible with the socio-economic needs of the UAE. The ORSP seeks strong partnerships with scientific, corporate, and government agencies to identify and explore strategic areas of research. Emerging strategic research areas for the University and the country include, but are not limited to, renewable energy, desalination, environmental science, entrepreneurship, empowerment of women, technology and innovation.


This mission will be achieved through the use of the exceptional talents of research scholars – both professors and students - to extend the boundaries of human knowledge and to use these discoveries to understand and resolve present and future challenges to humanity and the environment.

In achieving its mission, the ORSP provides, nurtures, and supports the research activities of Abu Dhabi University faculty and students. This includes assistance with grant proposal development, submission, and follow-up, as well as a commitment to the integration of research into teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


The research mission of Abu Dhabi University is fulfilled through the following:

  • Attracting, nurturing, retaining, and promoting outstanding research scholars.
  • Recruiting the best and brightest graduate students.
  • Leading in undergraduate education through the inspired application of research.
  • Providing exceptional capacity and opportunities for individuals and teams to develop excellence in basic and applied research.
  • Fostering commercialization of applied research endeavours to the benefit of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, and the international community.
  • Demonstrating research achievements for the benefit of society through diverse academic and non-traditional means of communication
Internationally competitive research

Strategic Goals

The goals of the ORSP are to:

  • Build and enhance the applied research capacity of ADU in selected strategic areas.
  • Provide a research infrastructure that is responsive to the needs of scholars and students.
  • Partner with prominent corporate and government agencies in the UAE and the region to target external funding.
  • Develop and foster a network of local and international scientific scholars and attract the best scholars from around the world.
  • Integrate research and teaching and develop new activities that enrich the student experience.
  • Transfer and disseminate knowledge to the communities Abu Dhabi University serves and maximize opportunities for commercialization.

Build a reputation as a research-oriented university

Research Strategy and Related Policies


Research Related Policies

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