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College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of relevant and unique programs in the fields of health, the environment, media, and education, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

CAS is recognized as an institution that fosters academic excellence driven by teaching and research and contributes to the development of the local, regional and international communities.
Our mission is to graduate students with the intellectual, academic, and practical skills needed for coping with the challenges of a rapidly changing world, and to contribute to local and international cultures.

About our College of Arts and Sciences

ADU’s College of Arts and Science (CAS) offers bachelor degrees in Public Health, Environmental Health & Safety and Mass Communication (in both English and Arabic), as well as advanced degrees in specialized areas of education including a Professional Diploma in Teaching (in both English and Arabic), Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Master of Science in Special Education. CAS is the only College in Abu Dhabi to offer a Mass Communications undergraduate degree in both English and Arabic.

ADU is the only university in the UAE where you can study Public Health and Environmental Health & Safety programs at undergraduate level. These unique programs focus on high profile health and safety issues that have a real impact on our communities. Our close relationship with HAAD puts us at the forefront of all public health issues in the UAE and our collaboration includes a joint annual conference on health topics as well as participation in their Public Health Ambassador Program and community outreach.

If you are an education practitioner, our Master of Education in Education Leadership, Master of Science in Special Education or Professional Diploma in Teaching – a program that has graduated more than 3000 students – offer you the opportunity to advance your career in an environment that combines practical experience with the latest research into teaching and learning strategies. 

In addition to your chosen discipline, CAS will equip you with the transferable skills vital in today’s workforce and involve you in the local community in a range of initiatives. We keep our thinking current through a regular suite of guest speakers, all experts in their fields.

Flexible timings will ensure you find a schedule that works for you. Our postgraduate programs provide the option of six different admission points throughout the year. This gives you a flexibility unparalleled in any other institution in the region.

Three Memoranda of Understanding provide extensive opportunities for external collaboration: our MoU with East Carolina University, USA, has paved the way for student and faculty exchanges, research collaboration and program partnerships; the MoU signed with the National Media Council provides educational and training opportunities for ADU students, as well as training for media professionals through ADU; our collaboration with the Emirates Autism Society provides a framework for collaboration on activities related to autism spectrum disorders, as well as training and internship opportunities, the creation of new programs, research, seminars and conferences.

College of Arts and Sciences Downloads

CAS - Undergraduate Brochure
CAS - Academic Advising Manual


The Education Department is committed to helping educators (including teachers, principals, superintendents, and school communities) meet the educational needs of each student. This site provides a wealth of data and information about the Education Department’s programs, services, and initiatives.

We are proud to offer professional development workshops, Postgraduate Diploma and master’s degree programs in a variety of disciplines to meet the needs of current and future educators. We offer a range of post graduate programs that develop teachers, leaders, and researchers in education. Graduate programs in the Department provide opportunities for advanced study and research in education and foster the development of innovative responses to challenges in the field of education. Our programs can be designed to meet licensure guidelines, licensing requirements, professional association recommendations, College and University requirements, and individual student goal.

Our mission is to prepare candidates who possess the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and dedication to lifelong learning that will support their practice as educational professionals.

The Department of Education is dedicated to the creation and development of educators who will have a lasting and positive impact on student learning and their communities. Our candidates and alumni are innovative and ethical practitioners, dedicated to learning for all students regardless of their backgrounds, and are prepared to meet the challenges of 21st century schools. 

The United Arab Emirates has a diverse blend of demographics, cultures and environments. This unique setting offers many opportunities to be developed and challenges to be embarked upon. Abu Dhabi University excels at having the pulse of the nation and recognizing the changing trends. Thus, the College of Arts and Sciences launched two Bachelor programs, B.Sc. in Environmental Health and Safety and B.Sc. in Public Health, hosted by the Department of Environmental and Health Sciences. These programs are first of their kind in the region, and are four-year (8-semester) programs which are accredited by the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in United Arab Emirates.

The UAE has unique eco systems and habitats housing thousands of species. At the same time, it possesses continuously growing industries and wide spread populated areas with advanced infrastructures. The B.Sc. in Environmental Health and Safety was launched in 2011, aiming to produce professionally trained and highly qualified EHS professionals. The program is designed to train individuals in reducing occupational hazards in workplaces, evaluating and minimizing impact of industrial activities on surrounding environment, and performing EHS risk assessments to mitigate hazards to within tolerable limits. Graduates of this degree will have the qualifications and know-how to work in multiple industries including oil and gas, industrial plants, manufacturing factories, food safety & inspection, environmental consultants, and professional training entities.

In addition, the UAE has immense public health challenges. The B.Sc. in Public health was launched in 2012, providing teaching and a learning environment that builds up student knowledge of human public health issues and practices relevant to the UAE. Additionally, it offers a career-focused training that fits the demands of the local communities. Public health focuses on large-scale health issues, determinants, and solutions. Graduates will deal with complex health issues, such as controlling communicable diseases and improving health care policies. Students also can specialize in a range of fields including health policy management, environmental health and health promotion. The program is designed for students who thrive on making a positive impact on the lives of others, and interested in the bridging the gap between the local community and general health issues. Graduates can anticipate careers in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, health ministries and national health authorities.

The mission of the Department of Communication Studies and Languages is to advance the academic, professional and personal development of undergraduate students, through select programs of teaching, research and public service that combine strong theoretical courses with professional preparation for the media workplaces.

The goal of the department is to produce graduates who meet high standards of performance in English, Strategic Communication, Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Radio, Television, Public Relations and Advertising.

The department also aims to achieve recognition among professionals, media organizations/agencies and scholars in mass communications regionally and internationally.

The aim of the program is to open the door for students in related disciplines to acquire knowledge and skills in key areas of Mass Communication and English to complement their programs of study. The knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program will also support multidisciplinary and innovative projects, without any negative impacts on the students’ study and graduation plans.

The main objectives of the program is to graduate students:

  • With basic theoretical perspectives in communication studies
  • Who are able to write & speak clearly & effectively in English and/or Arabic
  • Who are able to skillfully use a variety of technologies to produce effective field centered products, layouts & messages
  • Who are able to extend field-relevant intellectual & professional services to the local community & beyond, reflecting their work ethics, and finally
  • With critical and analytical thinking skills