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University College

University College is the home of all new undergraduate students. It provides a unique general education platform to ensure the successful transition of undergraduate students from high school to university life.

The vision of University College is to be the welcoming academic home of undergraduate students of Abu Dhabi University, which will be a catalyst for enhanced and innovative educational experiences enabling students to thrive in higher education and beyond.
The mission of University College is to help students successfully transition from high school to university life by providing them with a comprehensive first year educational experience driven by retention and which equips them with essential skills for future success.

About our University College

The General Education courses at University College will enable you to:

  • Communicate effectively, responsibly and competently through various written and/or oral formats
  • Identify, collect, organize, analyze, evaluate and use information effectively and responsibly
  • Apply critical thinking to make informed and logical judgments
  • Comprehend and use quantitative ideas and methods for critical assessment of data and effective problem solving
  • Demonstrate skills in the use of current computing and information technology
  • Relate to both a local and global context
  • Learn and practice strong values, ethical conduct and social responsibilities, especially personal, academic, and professional integrity
  • Develop collaboration in diverse team settings

University College Downloads

UC - Academic Advising Manual