Find Full Text Articles?


Find Articles: You Have a Citation

Step 1

Start by going to the Library website page and click on E-Journals.

Step 2

Into the search box put the name of the journal, magazine, or newspaper in which your article was published (NOT the article title). Or you may search using keywords in the name of the journal. Press the 'Search' button. (If you're off-campus, log in where required.)

Step 3

If that journal is available online, a new window will open that shows you:

  • Which databases have full-text for this journal.

  • Which years full-text is available. Was your article published within these years?

Step 4

Click on 'Full text available' next to the database that covers the year you need.

Step 5

The database will open to the journal that you need. Browse to the issue you need, open it, and then browse to your article.

Can't find the journal online?

Fill the Library Interlibrary loan form (ILL)

Find Articles: You Have a Topic

Step 1

Start by going to the Library website page and click on Articles & Databases. (If you are off-campus, log in when required.)

Step 2

Look at the databases listing

Step 3

Choose the database that is relevant to your academic discipline. Read a brief summary of the content of the database and its coverage.

Step 4

Click on the name of a database to open it. Search for articles on your topic.

Find Full-Text Articles in a Database

Once you have done a search in a database, study your results. Look for an HTML Full-text or PDF Full-text button in the article's record. If neither of these buttons is there, then that article is not available in the library and you need to submit our Interlibrary Loan form (ILL)

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