Subject Guide


E-Journal is an electronic journal that provides its content over the Internet. Some are accessible to anyone, but many others.

What is a subject guide?

It is a guide to resources pertinent to a particular subject or research topic. The Abu Dhabi University Library uses subject guides to recommend useful web sites.

Do I have to log in to these resources?

Yes and No. While the subject guides mainly offer links to materials that are available free on the web, still the subject guides are connected to some of our research databases or other proprietary ADU resources which require a log in credentials.

Are the subject guides replacing the databases?

No, these resources are meant as a supplement to your core research which will use the e-journals, e-books, dissertations etc. that are available in the library databases.

Are these web sites peer-reviewed/scholarly?

Subject guides do not necessarily link to peer-reviewed journals. However, each site has been selected by the library staff as a reliable source that may support your scholarly research.

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