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The Black & White / Colored Multifunction Printers are located in the Library that can print, scan, and photocopy.


How much do copies, prints, and scans cost?

  • Black and white copy: AED 10 fils per page.

  • Black and White print: AED 50 fils (A4 size) and AED 1 (A3 size) per page.

  • Double sided prints or copies are charged as two impressions

  • Scans are FREE

How to Use Printer/Scanner/Copier?

In order to get printed documents from the Printer, the first thing you have to do is to get yourself authenticated. The ADU student Cards have been integrated with the UniPrint system already. As an added facility now students can also use the printer by entering their same Username and Password which they use on ADU Computers. To get authenticated please follow below steps:

  • Go to the printer (placed beside the librarian desk in library) and swipe your card on the card reader

  • If the system doesn’t recognize your ADU Identification Card, you may need to get it enrolled.

  • If you do not have your ADU ID card or it does not recognizes you when swiped, you can also touch the screen and enter your ADU ID and click OK on the next window enter your COMPUTER Password and click OK to access your documents.

How to print a document?

In order to print a document, you need to be logged in with your student account.

In order to print through UniPrint system, Please follow these steps:

  • Open your document.

  • Choose File, then Click Print.

  • In the Print Windows choose ADUSecure-lib as printer.

How and where do I pick up my printouts?

  • Please go to the Printer (located beside the Librarian Desk in Library). Swipe the card or use your Student Login as mentioned. Once you are logged in you will see the list of documents you have sent from your computer.

  • Select the documents you would like to print and click “Print” Button or Press Print All.

  • The documents will now be printed.

  • Pick up your print out. Make sure you logout from the printer. To do this, hit the fifth button beside Card Reader, it will bring you back to Jobs Panel where you can click Logout..

PLEASE NOTE: All printouts not printed within two hours, will automatically be purged from the print queue and you would NOT BE charged!

How to Copy Documents?

  • Go to the Printer Room in Library and swipe your card or login with your Student ID

  • Once you have been authenticated, Click Copy Button.

  • Put the Original Documents (Face Up) on the document Feeder tray

  • Enter the number of Copies using the Key Pad beside the Touch Screen

  • Press Start Button

How to Scan Documents?

  • Go to the Printer Room in Library and swipe your card or login with your Student ID

  • Once you have been authenticated, Click Scanner Button

How to Recharge my UniPrint Account?

In order to add credit to your UniPrint Account, Please go to Finance Department provide them with your ID number and the amount you would like to add to your UniPrint Account. The Cashier will add the Credit to your account; you can check your available balance at the printer

Note: You can only pay in cash on the counter; Credit Card cannot be used to pay for the UniPrint account.

How to Activate my Student ID?

Your ADU Student ID card has already been linked to your UniPrint Account and can be used to print documents, however, if the Printer is not able to authenticate your ADU Student ID, Please go to Finance Counter and Ask them to Register your ID Card with your account. Once the card has been registered it can be used any time.

What can I legally copy?

See Information about Copyright & Intellectual Property

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