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Whether you are a current or prospective student, you are likely to have questions about studying at Abu Dhabi University.

The sections below answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to university life and selected category to make your search easier. If you cannot find the answer to your specific question, please call us on 600-550003 or call in to one of our four campuses across the UAE.

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FAQs About Student Activities at ADU

Frequently asked questions under the category of student activities

The Student Engagement Office (SEO) plays an important role in providing students with extracurricular activities that promote their intellectual growth, skills and personal development.
This is achieved by engaging students in a variety of cultural, social, artistic, religious, environmental and recreational events, in addition to the student council and student clubs and activities.
SEO also provides opportunities for students to complete their required Community Service hours by participating in events organized both on and off campus. Additionally, SEO offers access to numerous recreational activities on campus for students to enjoy in their free time.

SEO sends announcements about upcoming events through SMS, student emails, ADU social media channels, posters and LCD screens around the campuses. 
You can also view the calendar of events for the whole academic year on ADU Groups by visiting, choosing the Student Engagement Office group, and selecting the 'Events' tab.

The ADU Student Council is the governing body that represents ADU students. It is run by students for students, directing all suggestions and concerns to the appropriate people in ADU.

The ADU Student Council office is located at the end of the food court on the ground floor in the Abu Dhabi campus building.

You can contact the Student Council at

In the ADU Groups application (, go to the Student Engagement Office page, clicks on 'Links,' choose the 'club proposal form,' complete and submit the form.

You can join a club by visiting the ADU Groups website at, click on 'Join groups,' and select the group you would like to join by clicking 'Join.'

If you are a current student and registered in ADU Groups (, you can search in ADU Groups to find the available clubs. The list of clubs changes every year depending on demand and student participation.

There are no fees for joining or opening a club related to student activities.

You can get information on volunteering/community service opportunities from the Student Affairs Office.

You can record the completed volunteer hours on the Community Service form provided by the Financial Aid and Student Affairs offices. You will then need to submit the completed form to the Financial Aid Office or upload it to your online student account.

Yes, you can volunteer for events off campus, but please check with the volunteering coordinator in the Student Affairs Office first.

Yes, your part-time job on campus will count as community service, as long as you record the hours on the Community Service form and have it signed by your supervisor.

Yes, as long as you complete them within the same academic year. Financial Aid students are required to complete 40 hours of community service per academic year.

Leisure resources can be borrowed from the Student Affairs counter. You will need your student ID card to borrow equipment.

Several relevant activities/events are arranged depending on academic activities. Students will be notified through ADU Groups, emails, and SMS. Activities include Club Fair, Global Day, Career Fair and Career Workshops. The SEO also arranges trips to Comic Con for the Anime Club.
A Student Appreciation Ceremony is held every academic year to appreciate the participation and services of students involved in campus engagement activities and events.
There are regular trips to malls for international students.

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