Student Clubs

Abu Dhabi University is home to a truly diverse international community, with students from all over the world.

Student clubs play a key role in university life and we encourage you to join as many as you like. Student clubs give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people and develop friendships, contribute to the community, gain experience, develop leadership skills, and also have a lot of fun. We also encourage you to establish your own clubs and societies relating to your personal interests.

Opportunity to meet like-minded people

Clubs are always expanding

The number of clubs is always expanding.


  • ADU Hands Club

  • Anime Club

  • Architecture & Design Club

  • Art & Design Club

  • Aviation Club

  • Chess Club

  • Chinese Club

  • Cricket Club

  • Desi Club

  • Egyptian club

  • Emirati Club

  • eSports Club

  • Green Club

  • Ihsan Club

  • Iraqi Club

  • Japanese Club

  • Jordanian Club

  • Korean Club

  • Moroccan Club

  • Music Club

  • Nigerian Club

  • Palestinian Club

  • Photography Club

  • Poetry Club

  • Sports Club

  • Sudanese Club

  • Syrian Club

  • Videography Club

  • Yemeni Club

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