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College of Law

The College of Law provides specialized, internationally competitive, advanced legal education. The programs, taught in the Arabic language, utilize innovative teaching and a forward-thinking approach at the forefront of legal education.

Dean’s Message

A warm welcome to the Abu Dhabi University College of Law.

The College of Law (COL) is very proud of the high-quality degree programs upon which we have built ADU's youngest but fastest-growing college. We currently offer one Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Law) and two Master's degrees (Master in Public Law and Master in Private Law) taught primarily in Arabic.
Through delivery of interactive, challenging and relevant curricula, the College of Law faculty seeks to achieve several key objectives. As such, we will:

  • Prepare students for the requirements and challenges of a competitive, yet rewarding, career path specifically designed for Emiratis and other Arabic-speaking students;
  • Develop graduates prepared for a diverse job market through provision of curricula primarily delivered in Arabic, but with selected courses delivered in English; 
  • Guarantee academic quality through delivery of an internationally-recognized curricula; and
  • Address students' unique learning styles through dynamic and experiential pedagogic approaches which merge theory and practice in the form of workshops, seminars, debates, moot courts, arbitration, and legal clinics.

My office door is always open. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to the ADU Law community.
Professor Hany Dowidar, Dean, College of Law

Dean - College of Law

Professor Hany Dowidar

Why choose College of Law?

We offer you an inspirational place to study, with a vibrant university community committed to excellence. Our programs, taught in the Arabic language, utilize innovative teaching and a forward-thinking approach to ensure we remain at the forefront of legal education.

You can study for a Master of Public Law or Master of Private Law in our Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai campuses or gain a classic Bachelor of Law degree in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain. These stimulating programs will enable you to work in both government and private sectors.

Our state of the art campus facilities across the UAE provide a learning environment second-to-none. We invite you to come and join us and ignite your passion for law.

All our programs are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), UAE Ministry of Education.

In addition, our programs are internationally recognized and accredited by WASC, a world-renowned accrediting commission based in the USA.  WASC is one of six official academic bodies responsible for the accreditation of public and private universities and colleges in the USA, as well as a number of overseas institutions.

Together, these credentials demonstrate robust quality standards at both a national and international level, guaranteeing you a qualification that is recognized globally.

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12 April 2018