ADUi Lab for Public Services Innovation and Innovation Policy

Deepening our understanding of how to govern more effectively and legitimately through co-creation, design, and technology.

Innovation and Innovation Policy

ADUi Lab for Public Services

Our goal is to strengthen the ability of public organization, experts and common people to work openly, collaboratively, effectively and legitimately to empower them to make better decisions and solve public problems.

In ADUi Lab for Governance, we believe that better policy designs, effective network and collaborative strategies, and increased use of data and technology help leverage the capacity, decision-making, and expertise of people in the problem-solving process. We deeply believe that trust and confidence in the public function can be regained and strengthened through continuous transformation and improvement in governance.

ADUi Lab for Governance specialists approach each challenge in an interdisciplinary, collaborative way, irrespective of the problem, sector, geography, and level of government. 

Optimize the positive impact of the innovation


To optimize the positive impact of the innovation and entrepreneurship research, education, and training for Abu Dhabi University students, faculty, staff, established companies, government, and communities of reference. In ADUi, we collaborate 1) to (research and innovation pillars) nurture conditions for the (incubation pillar) realization of personal and group potentials, economic and environmental values, and inclusive and sustainable societal improvement. And 2) to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the UAE’s innovation strategy through sustainable and inclusive research, innovation, and incubation strategies.



Act as mediators between our community


To nurture a collaboration-based innovation model in which each collaborator connects with internal and external resources to leverage experiential learning for to use existing technologies and make things. We foster the makers mindset for collaboration to leverage on community resources through an open-access and membership-based workshops, labs, and fabs.

What we do in ADUi Lab for Public Services Innovation and Innovation Policy

  • Building a community-based space where civil servants, specialists, citizenry, students, and researchers come together and share experiences.
  • Bridging theory and practice, learning from those links, and providing real paths that help civil servants.
  • Testing and exploring new strategies and tactics that build and strengthen citenzens trust in the public services and functions.
  • Training and mentoring civil servants and public senior management in conventional (top-down) and modern (bottom-up) approaches for improved decision-making.
  • Participating in excellent world-class (public and private) projects for the improvement of public governance.

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