ADUi Sustainable Venture Development Lab: ADU incubation.

Built and actively supported by innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers

ADU Innovate (ADUi) serves as the engine for innovation and entrepreneurship education and advancement at Abu Dhabi University.

ADU incubation

ADUi Sustainable Venture Development Lab

Built and actively supported by innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers, ADUi builds on research to empower aspiring and seasoned innovators as they pursue new ways to create, deliver, and capture value for a more sustainable and inclusive world.

ADUi is committed to supporting student, faculty, and staff success and cultivating communities of collaboration, shared understanding, connections, and impact.

Built by Innovators to Power a More Sustainable World

Optimize the positive impact of the innovation


To optimize the positive impact of the innovation and entrepreneurship research, education, and training for Abu Dhabi University students, faculty, staff, established companies, government, and communities of reference. In ADUi, we collaborate 1) to (research and innovation pillars) nurture conditions for the (incubation pillar) realization of personal and group potentials, economic and environmental values, and inclusive and sustainable societal improvement. And 2) to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the UAE’s innovation strategy through sustainable and inclusive research, innovation, and incubation strategies.

ADU innovator's projects beyond ideas


To incubate selected initiatives from Abu Dhabi University students, faculty, staff, and selected relevant community members that strike a balance between novelty, replicability, impact, fast response, proactivity, and agility in addressing pressing or highly demanded solutions intersecting economic, social, and environmental concerns.

What we do in ADUi Sustainable Venture Development Lab

  • Nurturing startups from students, external entrepreneurs, faculty, staff, and governments.
  • Supporting spin-offs from research consortia, and ADU faculty.
  • Innovation projects demanded by established companies.
  • Innovation projects demanded by governments.
  • Open innovation projects.
  • External incubation programs and assessments.
  • Hosting services, including legal, (inbound and outbound) licensing, virtual, quality space, and accommodation, for incubated projects.
  • Incubation programs tailored to each incubated project.
  • Tracking the evolution of our incubated projects.
  • Wider integration of incubated companies with (local and international) key players in the innovation field: incubators, accelerators, investors and venture funds, and venture capitalists networks.

This is the place for you if you are

an innovation leader, senior innovator, or an experienced entrepreneur.

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