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June 30, 2022

Top 5 Abu Dhabi University events you need to attend

Anyone who has attended university knows that higher education is about far more than just lectures, studying, and exams.

Events are a key part of campus life, and Abu Dhabi University is proud to provide students and faculty with a full calendar of fun and enriching events that focus on an array of subjects.

With activities dedicated to career development, sports, arts, mental health, socializing and relaxing, the institution’s events calendar is guaranteed to delight and enrapture students of all interests and backgrounds.

Numerous smaller events take place virtually every month. For instance, the Student Leadership Workshop (SLW) Series invites students to develop their leadership skills and employability by hosting and running their own workshops, while other online workshops, conducted by qualified guest speakers and industry experts, are also arranged for the benefit of students. These cover subjects as varied as communication skills, exam anxiety and how to follow a healthy lifestyle.

However, the events listed below are without a doubt some of the highlights of the Abu Dhabi University events calendar, and are all occasions that no student can afford to miss.

1)The Abu Dhabi University Career Fair

The annual Abu Dhabi University Career Fair is an unforgettable occasion for every student. 

Attended by countless international and local businesses, it’s the perfect place for students to make connections, work on their communication skills and ultimately make great strides towards finding internships or job opportunities.

Students are invited to use the Career Fair as a chance to practice on formally introducing themselves in a professional manner. For many it is their first experience of networking and ‘selling themselves’ in a business environment and the fact that it takes place physically, rather than virtually, makes it easier for attendees to make connections and form close bonds.

Meeting companies in person also provides the chance to discover more about the personality of each brand, and find out about job roles and different aspects that aren’t advertised online.

Throughout the two-day event, students are provided with a unique and exciting chance to grow their contacts lists and brush-up on their interview skills.

Most importantly, the experience increases their chances of finding a job once their time at university has come to an end

2) Spring and Fall Club Fairs

Whatever your favorite interest, hobby or sport, you’ll find a club dedicated to it at Abu Dhabi University.

The Club Fairs are highly popular events that offer the exclusive chance to meet the people behind each club and society, get a feel for what they offer, and sign up to join them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into art, chess, media, poetry or photography, Abu Dhabi University makes it easy to find your tribe and make friends with others who share the same interests as you.  

Joining a club is also a great way of learning a new skill, or getting better at a hobby or sport that you already enjoy. They also provide the opportunity to travel and attend world-renowned external events, including Comic Con with the Anime Club.

Each club meets up regularly for social gatherings, and for many students find that being part of an Abu Dhabi University club is one of the best bits about studying in the UAE capital.  

Home to a truly diverse international community, students at Abu Dhabi University are encouraged to join as many clubs as they like. 

Plus, if you attend one of the Club Fairs and find that there isn’t a club dedicated to your preferred hobby, there will be people waiting to explain about how you can launch your own.

Other examples of clubs at Abu Dhabi University include arts & design, astronomy, fitness, gaming, inventors and green, plus clubs for different nationalities such as Yemeni, Emirati, Palestinian and Egyptian.  Each one attends every Club Fair, and you can also view the full list on the Abu Dhabi University website.

3) Global celebrations

Abu Dhabi University always strives to contribute to local and international events, and host celebrations dedicated to topical issues, inspiring individuals and community groups.

For instance, yearly initiatives are held in honor of International Reading Week, World Health Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Week, Mother’s Day, and Cultural Diversity Week.

Of course, the UAE’s most special days are recognized too, with momentous flag-raising ceremonies organized for UAE Flag Day, and joyful gatherings held for UAE National Day.

4) The Week of Welcome

The Week of Welcome is the most important event for any first-year student. In fact, if they attend only one event throughout the entire year, then it should absolutely be this.

Providing every student with their first impression of life at Abu Dhabi University, the Office of Student Engagement pours all their skills, effort and knowledge into creating the perfect Week of Welcome schedule for every new year group.

This program includes talks on the university’s different departments, resources and groups, meet and greet opportunities with the student council and department of student affairs, sessions for international students, fun table tennis and air hockey tournaments, tours of the sport and wellness facilities and cultural trips around the emirate of Abu Dhabi. 

5) Sports tournaments

There are so many thrilling and high-energy sports tournaments and matches taking place throughout the year that it would be impossible to choose just one.

Some of the most exciting events include the Abu Dhabi University Games Competition, and the Al Ain City Universities Sports League. The latter sees Abu Dhabi University students compete against teams from Al Ain University, UAE University, Higher Colleges of Technology, Al-Khwarizmi College, Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, and Fatima College of Health Sciences.

Internal matches and practice sessions for men’s and ladies’ sports teams are also held regularly, with sports teams dedicated to basketball, volleyball, tennis, football and more; all available to join.

Sports and fitness are some of the most popular pastimes amongst the student body, and the state-of-the-art facilities provided on the campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are second to none. 

The sports teams are all led by trained professional coaches, and they provide an unbeatable way of making new friends, discovering the joys of teamwork and realizing your full athletic potential. 

Whatever your background, nationality or fitness level, Abu Dhabi University’s sports teams are welcoming and inclusive communities, where everyone feels right at home.  

At the Abu Dhabi campus students will find comprehensive sporting facilities such as tennis and volleyball courts, and football and cricket pitches. Meanwhile, the brand-new campus in Al Ain also boasts an array of pitches, courts and fields, as well as a gymnasium, aerobics studio and games room.


As you can see, Abu Dhabi University hosts so many brilliant events for students and faculty every year.

Find out more about studying across its four campuses in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Al Dhafra and Dubai.

Or, for more about Abu Dhabi University’s event, please follow @adustudentaffairs on Instagram.

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