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June 30, 2022

5 Amazing Things To Do in Abu Dhabi University  

With gorgeous weather, stunning architecture, fascinating culture and pristine beaches, there are so many amazing things to do in Abu Dhabi.  

Adrenaline junkies will be in their element with dune bashing in the desert, theme parks, watersports and more, art lovers will be enraptured by the Louvre and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, while the award-winning dining scene offers delectable and perfectly crafted dishes that are certain to delight and thrill all tastes. 

Students will also find that Abu Dhabi is an exciting and vibrant place to live and study, with so many brilliant experiences awaiting them both on and off campus.  

Below, we go into some of the most incredible things to do in Abu Dhabi University. 

  1. Join one of the hundreds of clubs  

    Whatever your favourite interest, hobby or sport, you’ll find a club at Abu Dhabi University that makes your student life that bit more enjoyable, exciting and memorable. 

    It doesn’t matter if you’re into art, chess, media, poetry or photography, Abu Dhabi University makes it easy to find your tribe and make friends with others who share the same interests as you.  

    Joining a club is also a great way of learning a new skill, or getting better at a hobby or sport that you already enjoy. They also give you the opportunity to travel and attend unforgettable world-renowned events, including Comic Con with the Anime Club.

    Each club meets up regularly for social gatherings and events, and for many students find that being part of an Abu Dhabi University club is one of the best bits about studying in the UAE capital.  

    Home to a truly diverse international community, students at Abu Dhabi University are encouraged to join as many clubs as they like. 

    Everyone knows that university isn’t just about exams and grades, and joining a club enables you to contribute to the community, gain life experiences, develop leadership skills, and mix with other like-minded people from across the globe.  

    Plus, if you find that there isn’t a club dedicated to your preferred hobby, you can always start your own one and organise it yourself. 

    Other examples of clubs at Abu Dhabi University include arts & design, astronomy, fitness, gaming, inventors and green, plus clubs for different nationalities such as Yemeni, Emirati, Palestinian and Egyptian. 

    You can view all the clubs available on the Abu Dhabi University website, while the annual club fair provides a great opportunity to meet the people behind each society, get a feel for them and sign up for any that interest you. 

  2. Attend a life-changing student workshop

    Along with lectures, seminars and club gatherings, Abu Dhabi University also hosts regular student workshops throughout the year. 

    These enlightening sessions offer an easy and fun way of improving your skill set, and setting yourself up for a bright and happy future.

    Designed to be practical and useful in everyday life, the free online workshops cover topics as diverse as how to make a presentation stand out, and writing, preparing and submitting your work to a journal. 

    Various Career Workshops are also organised to help students learn more about the ins and outs of different professions, and discover what sensational things they can go on to do with their globally accredited degree from Abu Dhabi University. 

    Filled with free priceless advice and handy tips, these fascinating workshops are empowering experiences that shouldn’t be missed. 

    Other chances to get more out of your university life include the exciting competitions, including the Undergraduate Research Competition, and the frequent thought-provoking forums. These offer the unique chance to watch as experts discuss important topics that will affect your education and future career. 

  3. Realise your full athletic potential

    When you’re not busy in the library or at lectures, there are countless ways to spend your free time at Abu Dhabi University. 

    Sports and fitness are some of the most popular pastimes amongst the student body, and the state-of-the-art facilities provided on the campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are second to none. 

    The sports teams are all led by trained professional coaches, and they provide an unbeatable way of making new friends, discovering the joys of teamwork and realising your full athletic potential. 

    Your time at university might spark a passion for team activities or help you find a sporting talent that you never knew you had. Whether you want to play seriously and competitively or just to experience the fun and social sides of sport and exercise, you will be able to find a team that suits your abilities and mind set. 

    Whatever your background, nationality or fitness level, Abu Dhabi University’s sports teams are welcoming and inclusive communities where everyone feels right at home. 

    At the Abu Dhabi campus students will find comprehensive sporting facilities such as tennis and volleyball courts and football and cricket pitches. Meanwhile, the brand-new campus in Al Ain also boasts an array of pitches, courts and fields, as well as a gymnasium, aerobics studio and games room. 

  4. Volunteer and gain once-in-a-lifetime experiences

    As part of Abu Dhabi University’s commitment to enhancing the local community, its active and dedicated Student Affairs Department works tirelessly to provide enriching and memorable volunteering opportunities for as many students as possible.  

    Along with providing amazing experiences and helping students to gain interpersonal and leadership skills, volunteering is known to promote social responsibility and it is considered a valuable part of the Abu Dhabi University student journey.   

    Volunteering to sit on the student council is another incredible experience offered.  Ran by students for students, this vital organisation acts as a link between the student body and the university management.  

    Created to address any concerns or issues and make sure students have a trusted voice, those who sit on the Student Council are able to significantly develop their leadership skills and make a real positive impact on Abu Dhabi University’s strategies and policies.    

    Being a student counsellor also enables individuals to work on their communication techniques, play an active role in their university, and feel the satisfaction of helping people and making a difference.   

  5. Socialise, relax and unwind on campus  

Abu Dhabi University encourages its students to take regular breaks and forget about their looming deadlines and exams for a while with some fun games and activities. 

The campuses include sensational free leisure activities such as Playstation consoles, air hockey, baby foot and table tennis, while the onsite café provides the perfect place to relax and grab a healthy, energy-boosting bite or some smooth barista beverages. 

The Student Engagement Office [a1] also arranges various unmissable on-campus events, including Global Day celebrations, a Career Fair and off-campus excursions such as trips to some of the city's many glamorous and world-renowned malls.

Students are encouraged to mingle and get some fresh air out in the university’s landscaped grounds, while the quiet reading areas are perfect for those who want to spend some time by themselves in a nurturing and inspiring environment.  

The above are just five of the many amazing things that you can do whilst studying at Abu Dhabi University. If you’re still looking for more information what postgraduate or undergraduate course you should do, take a look at our program finder.



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