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June 30, 2022

All you need to know about ADU’s Office of Student Engagement  

University life is about so much more than just attending seminars and lectures.  

Starting a new degree or moving away from home to go to university comes with all kinds of exciting opportunities, and the Office of Student Engagement at Abu Dhabi University (SEO) aims to ensure that every member of the student body gets the most out of their experience.

Below, we go into more details about the services offered by the Office of Student Engagement, and why it is such a vital part of our university structure. 

What is the student engagement office and why does it matter?

The Office of Student Engagement is a department that aims to engage with the student body, help them feel involved in student life and connect them to like-minded students, faculty members and other individuals who will add value to their lives. 

It is a vital resource for so many reasons. From helping societies to arrange events, to organising community engagement programmes and running the student council, lots of the best parts of student life at Abu Dhabi University would grind to a halt if it wasn’t for the Office of Student Engagement. 

From your first orientation programme and Week of Welcome activities, to keeping you engaged with your studies throughout each year with the Graduate Attribute Plan (GAP), every step of your student journey is somehow enhanced and influenced by this department.  

What kind of services does the Student Engagement Office provide?  

As mentioned above, the Student Engagement Office assists with all areas of student life, from career development to social gatherings. 

Below are just a few of the services it offers: 

  •              Student discount distribution 
  •              Student trips 

  •              Graduate Attribute Plan (GAP) 

  •              Student leadership workshop series 

  •              Welcome Week and orientation programmes 

  •              Volunteering opportunities 

  •              Student club creation 

  •              Student complaints 

  •              Corporate events 

  •              Community engagement initiatives 

  •              Recreational events 

  •              Student Council 

  •              Student committees 

  •              Support with student events 

  •              Workshops and seminars 



    Student clubs  

    Generally, whatever your favourite interest, hobby or sport, you’ll find a club at Abu Dhabi University that is perfect for you. 

    Spanning art, chess, media, poetry and photography, most pastimes have their own vibrant and active community.

    However, if you think that the institution is missing a trick and lacking in a certain club, the Office of Student Engagement will help you get up and running and start your own. 

    Then, when you start hosting events for your club, the Office of Student Engagement will also assist with promoting and advertising them.   


    Volunteering opportunities   

    As part of Abu Dhabi University’s commitment to enhancing the local community, the Student Affairs Department, which comes under the Office of Student Engagement, is always working to secure and arrange enriching volunteering opportunities.  

As well as providing amazing experiences and helping students to gain interpersonal and leadership skills, volunteering is known to promote social responsibility and is considered a valuable part of the Abu Dhabi University student journey. 


The Graduate Attribute Plan (GAP)   

As mentioned above, GAP is a student excellence and engagement programme that brings a holistic approach to student life. D

delivered by both professional and student leaders and arranged by the Office of Student Engagement, GAP provides students with an array of activities and workshops. GAP also awards people for their engagement in student life, including any clubs they’ve joined, at the end of each academic year. 


Student Council  

One of the most important services provided by the Office of Student Engagement is the student council. Ran by students for students, it acts as a link between the student body and the university management.

Created to address any concerns or issues and make sure students have a trusted voice, those who sit on the Student Council are able to significantly develop their leadership skills and make a real positive impact on Abu Dhabi University’s strategies and policies.  

Being a student counsellor enables individuals to work on their communication techniques, play an active role in their university, and feel the satisfaction of helping people and making a difference. 


Week of Welcome  

Providing every student with their first impression of life at Abu Dhabi University, the Office of Student Engagement pours all their skills, effort and knowledge into creating the perfect Week of Welcome schedule for every new year group.

This programme includes talks on the university’s different departments, resources and groups, meet and greet opportunities with the student council and department of student affairs, sessions for international students, fun table tennis and air hockey tournaments, tours of the sport and wellness facilities and cultural trips around the rest of the Abu Dhabi. 


You can find out more about the role of the Office of Student Engagement and the student life here.





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