EDU 2030 - Future of Education series

The concept of traditional education has changed radically within the last couple of years. Schools are facing increasing demands to prepare students for rapid economic, environmental, and social changes, for jobs that have not yet been created, for technologies that have not yet been invented, and to solve social problems that have not yet been anticipated.

Education can equip learners with the agency, the competencies, and the sense of purpose to shape their own lives and contribute to the lives of others. Children who entered school in 2018 will be young adults in 2030. So, change is imminent. (OECD, 2018).

Abu Dhabi University (ADU) offers an opportunity for teachers, school leaders, special educators, and counselors to debate current and future educational practices and develop teaching and learning competencies in times of noticeable transformations in education. From a recent report on the current state of education in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is clear that the UAE is committed to “writing a new narrative for education reform” (Warner & Burton, 2017).

As part of this community, ADU and its College of Arts and Sciences take great pleasure in contributing to this reform and being part of this journey toward change. The ‘EDU 2030 – Future of Education Series’ offers a range of professional development certificates for all educators and education leaders. The certificates will provide the required competencies to educate future learners, be agents of change in their schools, and prepare them for future educational challenges.

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