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Emirates Mars Mission

Short Video and Infographic Competition 2021 (SVIC2021)



The Department of Mass Communication, College of Arts and Sciences, Abu Dhabi University, is organizing a short Video and Infographic competition on the theme of the Emirates Mars Mission 2021.

This competition aims to generate more awareness about the event and search for untapped talent in the UAE.

Entries for the short video category must be shot using either a video camera, mobile phone, or tablet. The idea must be both creative and visual for the infographic category while delivering as much information as possible in print format.

We will run the competition entirely online. Contestants will be shortlisted based on the votes of the committee and judges. The top ten videos and infographics will be judged by a panel of notable figures from the media industry and academics, which will select the top three winners from each category.

Be part of this great competition and look forward to great prizes!


Target Group

This competition is open to all the Grade 11 and 12 high school students in the UAE who are passionate about being artists, graphic designers, illustrators, and videographers.


Information on the Theme

As you know, the UAE achieved a significant milestone recently when scientists deployed the spacecraft into Mars’ orbit. It is a major achievement for the country, specifically as the UAE is the first country in the Arab region to achieve such a milestone. This space mission is part of a long-term integrated effort to create economic opportunity around leadership in space sciences, research, and exploration.

To commemorate this unique initiative of the UAE government, Abu Dhabi University would like to focus this year’s theme on the Emirates Mars Mission 2021. These endeavors are exhilarating for scientists and space enthusiasts due to the possible gains in knowledge and technical innovation they achieve. There are many reasons to explore the Red Planet, such as obtaining a better grasp of the origins of life, developing new technologies, and laying the groundwork for space tourism and mining.


Competition Categories and Format

The competition consists of two categories.

Category 1: Short Video

This consists of short narrative videos highlighting this outstanding achievement.

  • A 60 second video in MP4 or. Mov
  • The medium of shooting: DSLR camera, Video camera, tablets or mobile phones
  • Language: English


Category 2: Infographic

In this infographic competition, participants need to imagine the future for Arabs on Mars and the historic mark they could make.

  • Image should be in PDF file format
  • Image should be on a single page, using any infographic tool
  • Language: English



Attractive prizes will be awarded to the top three winners in each category.


Join this competition to explore a version of the Emirates Mars Mission story through your talent.