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The 3rd International Education Conference: Technology and Innovation and Education will take place on October 29-30, 2019.

Conference Tracks

Instructional Technology

Instructional Designs and Development Models, Technology and Learning, Computers, Multimedia Instruction, Online Learning, Distance Learning, Instructional Material and Displays, Trends in Technology and Media

Educational Leadership and Management

Teacher Education, Principalship, Educational Policy, Education Supervision, Leadership, Primary and Secondary Education, Student Leadership

Quality Management and Governance

Accreditation, Quality Practices, Quality Management, Quality Improvement, Teacher Quality, Quality Culture, Institutional Quality, Quality Assurance Practices

Innovation in Education

Design, Implementation and Assessment of Innovative Technologies in Education, Integrative Learning, Blended Learning, Flipped Classroom, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Evaluation, Assessment, and Measurement in Education

Assessment Theories and Methodologies, Educational Evaluation, Measurement Practices, Testing and Evaluation in Education

Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum Design and Development, curriculum planning, Curriculum Evaluation

Teaching and Learning

Learning Experiences, Student Learning and Learner Diversity Teaching Experiences, Pedagogy, Learning Outcomes and Assessment

Psychology, Counselling and Special Education

Learning Disabilities, Special Needs Learners, Gifted Learners, Behaviour and Motor Control, Classroom Monitoring, Emotional Intelligence, Group Guidance in Classroom

Target Groups

Teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, Universities, private schools), pedagogists, psychologists, social workers, head teachers, principals and school directors, non-governmental educational organizations, international organizations, educational agencies, ministries, parents’ associations and specialized organizations for support, etc.