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Winter Camp 2020

Entrepreneurship: How to Start Up Your Business & Taking Control of your Future

How to Make Your Business Healthy, Safe, and Eco-Friendly

This module aims to teach and train participants about how health and safety are the keys to success in any business. It will teach them how to produce policies and procedures that outline the company's responsibilities, how to be eco-minded entrepreneurs, and how to start their sustainable, eco-friendly business.


Learning Outcomes


Module Content


Dr. Rahaf Ajaj

An Assistant Professor in the College of Health Sciences. She completed her doctoral thesis in the field of Environmental Radiation and holds an MSc. in Radiation Physics and a BSc. in Medical Physics. Her research focuses on Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety, with a particular interest in radiation protection, safety, and regulations. Dr. Ajaj has more than ten years of professional work experience in a nuclear authority and a petroleum council with extensive inspection, regulation, and managing health, safety, and environmental concerns.