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Winter Camp 2020

Entrepreneurship: How to Start Up Your Business & Taking Control of your Future

Legal requirements for business in UAE

This module focuses on the legal information, including the regulations and laws in the United Arab Emirates, that will help participants build their own business. It examines the multiple legal patterns, such as the forms of legal companies and the substantive and formal conditions for each company type, to determine the appropriate company form for each participant.


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Larry Wilson, The Small Business Planner: The Complete Entrepreneurial Guide to Starting and Operating a Successful Small Business Paperback – Illustrated, 16 June 2011

Dr. Lina AlFayoumi

Assistant Professor in the Commercial Law Department at Abu Dhabi University, holds a PhD in Commercial Law. Her focus is on teaching the intricate rules of commercial law and supporting students with their master's and doctoral thesis plans. 

She is a member of the Research Committee at Abu Dhabi University and has spoken at conferences including the Masary program with Knowledge Group and Mubadala's Open House weeks. Starting her career in 2004, Dr. AlFayoumi worked in a variety of law fields in Syria and Jordan and is a member of the Bar in both countries. 

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