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Abu Dhabi University (ADU) has put into place all the preventive measures advised by the UAE authorities to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. All necessary precautions to protect students, staff, faculty, and the wider community are being implemented, and we will continue to monitor the latest developments and update this page as necessary. Below, you will find COVID-19 FAQs that will help you gain a clearer understanding of procedures put in place by Abu Dhabi University to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

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Yes, you need to have a valid PCR test result of no less than 14 days on Al Hosn Application.

Arriving from green countries: A PCR test is required on arrival, as well as another PCR test on day 6, without the need to quarantine. If arriving from other countries: a PCR test is required on arrival and on day 8 , as well as a 10-day quarantine period. Please call the Ministry of Health and Prevention on 8001717/80011111 for further advice and guidance.

Follow our Instagram channel @abudhabiuni & @adustudentaffairs. Please download ADUGroups app to check our calendar of events and register your participation.

You can email Mary Gosha Also, available on Teams from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Dormitories are available to students and will operate at 50% capacity. Check with the staff for details.

Follow this link which explains how to download the browser - Student guide to respondus lockdown browser.

Follow this link which explains how to download the browser - Student guide to respondus lockdown browser

Yes. The requirements of Ministerial Decree No. 237 for online assessment using webcams was shared with the Student Council who approved the assessment and grading policy.

Yes, our assessment and grading guidelines were developed in consultation with, and approved by, the Student Council.

For two reasons:
First, to safeguard the academic integrity of your examination to ensure that when the pandemic has finished your grade(s) are valued by employers and higher education institutions you apply to for postgraduate studies.
Second, Abu Dhabi University, and all universities in the UAE, have to comply with Ministerial decrees. Decree No. (237): Application of Distance Learning in Higher Education Institutions Until the End of the Academic Year 2020 issued by the Minister of Education requires:.

“The institution must implement appropriate procedures and use the necessary tools to monitor remote assessment processes, particularly the use of tools to detect plagiarism and academic dishonesty in the work submitted by students, and the use of electronic monitoring/proctoring tools (such as the use of cameras) during exams”.

It ensures academic integrity which means that the grade/GPA that you achieve is valid and can be used by potential employers to communicate your academic achievement when applying for jobs and postgraduate studies.

Using invigilators in an examination to ensure there is no cheating.

The Student Affairs Department provides ADU students with an online counseling service. You may need to connect with our counselors via email or MS Teams during the normal working hours. Their email addresses are (AD Campus) or (AA Campus).

Our Student Affairs Department staff will help you process a new student visa under ADU sponsorship or even renew your current visa while you are at home. All what you need to do is just to contact them via email or MS Teams. Their email addresses are (AD Campus) or (AA Campus).

Check out the Student Affairs Instagram page for the latest updates on new online activities and challenges that the Sports & Wellness Office is holding.

Please email Student Council via

Please contact

All career development workshops and events are posted on ADU Groups. Please register on ADU Groups to participate.

You can send an email to and Ms. Mary Gosha or Mr. Hammam Abu Jaber will assist you.

The Student Affairs Department is happy to assist you. Please e-mail us

No, you will not be required to complete volunteer hours this semester.

Call Estijaba Service on 8001717 and the Ministry of Health and Prevention on 80011111.

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