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Student Life at Abu Dhabi University


Abu Dhabi University is not only a wonderful place to study - it also offers a multitude of extra-curricular activities and events. A vibrant social life is an important part of the student experience and your life at ADU will be full of opportunities to meet new people and challenge yourself with new activities. We work hard to create an environment where you can excel academically at the same time as enjoying a work/life balance through involvement in ADU clubs and events.


Transition to University

Becoming a university student presents a distinct set of challenges and opportunities - new environment, new people, new processes, and a different way of doing things. We at ADU are here to make sure your transition to university is as seamless as possible. The following resources are designed to help you each step of the way

Getting Involved

There are many opportunities to immerse yourself in all aspects of university life here at ADU. You can opt to join a student club, become involved in organizing events and activities, or become an active student council member. Check out the following to maximize your university experience:


Building Your Experience

During your time at ADU it is important that you prepare and plan for your future. The following initiatives will help you build your professional network and gain the kind of experience that will keep you ahead of the competition in the job market:

Mera Barkoumi
Bachelor of Architecture - Third Year

Mera Barkoumi is a third year student studying for a Bachelor of Architecture. She started a part-time position working with Student Affairs in May 2018 and works between 20 and 25 hours a week.

“I wanted to be more involved in the university and gain work experience, so when I saw the position advertised on the University Blackboard it seemed like the planets were aligning. Student Affairs make it easy for me to balance work and study. I’m able to fit my working life around my study rather than the other way around.

Much of the work involves administrative tasks including reception duties and paper work related to visa processing. I’m a customer service point for students. I enjoy having an insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the running of the University. I no longer feel like a regular student – I know much more about the processes that drive university life. Student Affairs have created an amazing vibe and a student-centric environment.

I hope I can keep working in Student Affairs until I graduate in 2021. This experience has changed me for the better. I now deal with people in a much more professional way. I’m studying to be an architect and I’m going to have to work professionally with clients and contractors. This is an important transferable skill no matter what your chosen field.”

Muhsineen Khan
BBA in Finance and Accounting Graduate, 2017

Muhsineen Khan completed his BBA in Finance and Accounting at Abu Dhabi University (ADU) in 2017 and is now studying for an MBA. He has been working part-time with Students Affairs since May 2018 and spent time working in other ADU departments previously.

“I wanted to work whilst I was studying so I could be independent and not rely on my parents to pay my tuition fees. So, I’ve worked throughout my time in ADU and now feel like a seasoned professional.

The customer service work I’m involved in mainly revolves around helping students with their visa requirements, registering them for accommodation in the student dorms, alumni and career issues. I’m also involved in the running of various events in and around the University, which is a lot of fun.

I’d have to say that I’ve enjoyed working in Student Affairs the most, mainly because I love to talk, and I meet a lot of new people on a regular basis. The environment is a perfect match for my personality. The work can be challenging as you’re dealing with many different personality types on a variety of issues but it’s also fun and very sociable.

My schedule is extremely hectic as I work up to 28 hours a week and have a full study schedule. But I like to keep busy and love to multitask – an important life skill I believe. Given the opportunity, I’d be very happy to work full-time in Student Affairs after I complete my MBA.”

Christian Castro
BSc in Aviation - Final Year

Christian Castro, a final year BSc in Aviation student, is from the Philippines. He has been working in Student Affairs on a part-time basis since 2016.

“My initial motivation was to help my family financially. But I also knew that gaining work experience was a smart move. I used to be incredibly timid – unable to express myself well at all. I was a little surprised that I was offered the position because of this, but my supervisor clearly saw my potential. It wasn’t an overnight transformation but after around six months my confidence had grown to such an extent that I hardly recognized myself.

Most of my work is customer service related - manning the phones and entertaining visitors. I was also tasked with a project involving the management of 60 student volunteers and felt honored to have such trust placed in me. It made me even more committed to doing a good job and I loved the challenge.

A highlight for me is getting the opportunity to speak to other students about employability skills. I cannot stress enough the difference work experience makes, giving you the chance to build and improve these skills daily. I work an average of 28 hours per week in Student Affairs and manage this along with a full study schedule and training with the University basketball team two days a week. If people say I’m doing too much I just tell them it’s improving my time management skills. The world is a competitive place and you must work hard to succeed.”

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