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Academic Programs for Military Colleges

Bachelor in Military Sciences and Administration

Type Undergraduate
Credit Hours 131 Hours
Duration 4 Years
Language Arabic
Study mode Full Time
Intake Fall
Delivery mode Day
Campuses Abu Dhabi


Please note that this program is for UAE Armed Forces Officers only.

 1. Develop qualities of leadership in officer-cadets and officers;

2. Prepare students for a career in the profession of Military

3. Provide adequate Islamic, legal, cultural, political, strategic, historic, scientific and technological knowledge

4. Arm students with skills in scientific research, administration and languages

5. Provide the necessary skills to manage their future leadership tasks and functions competently


Program educational objectives and student outcomes

Entry requirements

Course outline

Arts & Sciences
26 credit hours
Military Requirements
26 credit hours
Command and Staff Requirements
79 credit hours
131 credit hours