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Academic Programs for Military Colleges

Bachelor of Arts in Persian Language

Type Undergraduate
Credit Hours 131 Hours
Duration 4 Years
Language Arabic
Study mode Full Time
Intake Fall
Delivery mode Day
Campuses Abu Dhabi


Please note that this program is for UAE Armed Forces Officers only.

The objective of the Bachelor of Arts in Persian Language Program is to prepare a graduate to be able to:

  1. Use Persian Language (reading, writing and speaking).
  2. Translate from Persian to Arabic and vice versa.
  3. Deal with the Persian Language through interaction and familiarity with its intellectual and political productions and latest developments.
  4. Communicate with the Persian Language culture and arts from a strong Arabic culture background.
  5. Describe the learning of the Persian Language through interaction with its civilization and its historical and societal framework.

Knowledge and Understanding:

  1. Persian grammar and syntax.
  2. Linguistic and syntactical differences between Arabic and Persian.
  3. Linguistic and literary styles common in Persian.
  4. Literary and intellectual streams common in Persian.
  5. Famous ancient and modern men of letters and thinkers in the heritage of the Persian language and their major literary and intellectual productions.
  6. Basic ideas and concepts in the field of literary theories.

Professional Skills:

  1. Employ the basic knowledge and concepts he studied in his career.
  2. Read Persian texts correctly.
  3. Translate different types of texts from and into Persian in a professionally correct and responsible way and evaluate the translation.
  4. Use the correct grammar in writing an essay or report or giving a speech in Persian.
  5. Employ different humanitarian sciences in the literary and linguistic work.
  6. Implement research and studies in the field of Iranian studies through the assumption of individual and group roles, with the ability to lead a team.

Mental Skills: 

  1. Diagnose and distinguish different contextual relationships in Persian.
  2. Analyze and criticize different oral and written Persian texts.
  3. Infer linguistic and syntactical connotations and their development.
  4. Compare the Persian culture he studied with Arabic culture and heritage.

General Skills: 

  1. Work as a team member and team leader.
  2. Propose suitable solutions for any problem he may face in his field of work.
  3. Communicate positively with others.
  4. Use IT in his field of specialization.
  5. Deal efficiently with sources of information.


Program educational objectives and student outcomes

Entry requirements

Course outline

University Requirements
42 credit hours
Mandatory Specialization Requirements
84 credit hours
Optional Specialization Requirements
6 credit hours
132 credit hours