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Academic Programs for Military Colleges

Bachelor of Military Sciences and Specialized Management

Type Undergraduate
Credit Hours 131 Hours
Duration 4 Years
Language English & Arabic
Study mode Full Time
Intake Fall
Delivery mode Day
Campuses Abu Dhabi


Please note that this program is for UAE Armed Forces Officers only.

The program aims to prepare student cadets to become officers at the Armed Forces who are well-qualified in military science and military training to perform military tasks assigned to them efficiently and effectively.

The program also aims to prepare students to specialize in one of the administration fields (finance management or human resources management).

Finance Management:

Equip students with quantitative, qualitative tools, scientific methodology and managerial skills which qualify them to solve finance and investment problems and implement research in finance and investment, and to apply scientific management of funds and financial institutions.

Human Resources Management:

Equip students with quantitative and qualitative tools, scientific methodology and managerial skills, which would qualify them to improve their competitiveness ability in labor market, conduct research on the field of human resources, apply scientific management of staff affairs and to deal with social problems related to human resources providing optimal solutions.


Program educational objectives and student outcomes

Entry requirements

Course outline

Arts & Sciences
24 credit hours
Military Requirements
69 credit hours
Specialized Management Requirements
42 credit hours
135 credit hours