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Resident Assistants Programs at ADU Dormitories

ADU Faculty and Female Residents Gathering Make your own sandwich

Positive interaction between students and their faculty is a key college experience associated with a great educational experience as well as personal development.
Faculty and Female Residents Gathering (2).jpeg
This month, the student leaders of ADU Student Housing had the pleasure of organizing a Faculty and Residents Gathering at the Female Dorm. During the event, the students asked many questions to benefit from the experience of their guests, particularly relating to the struggles and challenges throughout their college life. They had an inspiring discussion about how to set their goals, plan towards their achievements and to take the required action, highlighted the various aspects of university life and life in general. The faculty members enjoyed preparing their own sandwich alongside their students and colleagues in a casual, friendly and relaxing environment. Students prepared the sandwich fillings and snacks as a sign of respect to their teachers. Both faculty members and residents appreciated the insightful conversations throughout the evening.

The Housing Unit is very grateful to Dr. Nida Qafisheh who attended the gathering - her presence was of great value and impact to the students.

ADU Faculty and Male Residents Tea Gathering

The Residence Life Unit and the student leaders at the dorm organized a Tea Gathering between the dorm residents and ADU faculty. The presence of the faculty members was of great value and impact to the students. It was an amazing occasion for the residents to remove all boundaries, get to know their faculty better, be inspired, learn from their rich experience and enjoy a friendly evening together. The faculty members took this opportunity to encourage the students to dream big, pursue their dreams and share their knowledge to motivate them to think positively in order to overcome challenges and learn from them.
Faculty and Male Residents Tea Gathering 2

The students enjoyed baking cookies with their faculty members to lighten the evening. The crowed shared lots of funny stories and jokes, which enhanced the evening with smiles and laughter.
Faculty and Male Residents Tea Gathering 3

At the end of the night, everyone was happy and satisfied. The residents and faculty members were chatting, taking pictures and laughing. It was like a big family reunion.

A massive gratitude to the faculty members who supported our students by accepting their invitation despite their busy schedules:  Dr. Zubair Syed, Dr. Makhtar Sarr, Dr. Ahmed El Numairi.


Resident Assistants Programs at ADU Dormitories

The participation of students in the Residence Life Program at ADU Dormitories is essential to develop their character, a strong sense of identity, self-confidence and a passion for learning. Efficient extra-curricular workshops, programs and activities where planned by the Residence Life Unit and student leaders to enhance the learning effectiveness of students. The main goal of those programs is to promote a living/learning community, which enhances education both inside and outside the classroom.
RA Active Program-Female Dorm 2
As part of the Residence Life Program goals, the Resident Assistants at ADU dormitories organized effective stress prevention programs to support the students in overcoming exam anxiety during this tense period.
RA Active Programs-Male Dorm( 3)

The Residence Life Unit is very grateful to the faculty and staff who participated in the RA Programs: Dr. Deena Elsori, Dr. Smitha Dev, Ms. Maadoum Mustafa, Ms. Kellye Ann Blackburn, Mr. Hammam Abu Jaber; Dr. Bianca Teats, Mr. Abid Abdul Aziz; Dr. Sullay Kanu.


November RA Passive & Active Programs

Female Dorm RA Programs

Trivia Night
Keys to Success
Community Engagement
Scoop Up a Better GPA
Do You Know Your Roommate?
Stress Management
Practical Event Management
Relaxation Evening
Prevention of Identity Theft
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
Personality Development
Exams Tips
Be Ready for Exams
Time Management
Career Search Workshop
Use Social Media Wisely
Fire Safety Tips
Diversity is No Adversity
Event Management
Door-to-Door Introductions
Brainstorming and Programs Benchmark Floor Meetings

Male Dorm RA Programs

Employability Awareness
Ways to Take a Break
Be Ready for Exam
Essential Apps for University Students
Successful Interview Tips
Manage Your Budget
Volunteering Opportunities
Make a Wish
Guidelines for Taking Notes
Academic Advising
Manage Your Time
Exam Revision Tips
Stress Relief Program
UAE Visa Process Guidelines
Manage Anxiety During a Stressful Exam Period
Exam Anxiety Relief
Door-to-Door Introductions
Know your RA
RA Programs Benchmark & Feedback Floor Meetings

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