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ADU Announces 9 additional Engineering Degree Offerings at Its New Campus in Al Ain

ADU has expanded the academic offerings at its new Tahnoun bin Mohammed campus in Al Ain to include nine new degrees as part of Al Ain Campus’s 40 undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

ADU has expanded the academic offerings at its new Tahnoun bin Mohammed campus in Al Ain to include nine new degrees as part of Al Ain Campus’s 40 undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Following approval from the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) at the Ministry of Education, students enrolling for the Fall 2020/2021 semester will be able to pursue four new undergraduate degrees and three postgraduate degrees as well as two concentrations within existing bachelor’s programs.

The new programs include BSc in Cybersecurity Engineering, BSc in Software Engineering, BSc in Industrial Engineering, BSc in Interior Design, MSc in Information Technology, Master of Engineering Management, and Master of Project Management. Additionally, the college is offering two new concentrations in Robotics and Automation within the Electrical Engineering and Industrial Mechatronics within the Mechanical Engineering which are both ABET accredited and have already been offered in Al Ain campus along with programs in architecture, chemical engineering and civil engineering.

Commenting on the expansion of programs, Dr. Hamdi Sheibani, Dean of the College of Engineering and Director of the Office of Academic Integrity, said, “It is crucial for us to be able to provide a well-rounded and forward-looking academic experience for our incoming students. This is why we are constantly working to expand our program offerings across all campuses, ensuring our students have access to key programs that are vital for their future development and the economic development of the city of Al Ain. Offering young minds the opportunity to specialize in disciplines such as cybersecurity, software engineering, Robotics, and Industrial Engineering is crucial in today’s highly digitized and rapidly-evolving job market.”

As part of its efforts to support the UAE's vision to reinforce the engineering sector in line with the most advanced practices and modern technologies and in response to the needs of the labor market in this vital sector, ADU’s College of Engineering launched a number of new accredited engineering programs, including BSc in Biomedical Engineering, Cybersecurity Engineering and Software Engineering. In addition to two new concentrations; Industrial Mechatronics Engineering within the BSc program of Mechanical Engineering accredited by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), as well as a new major in Robotics and Automation within the BSc program in Electrical Engineering. 

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“The Tahnoun bin Mohammed campus in Al Ain is fully equipped to deliver a truly modern educational experience, complete with state-of-the-art facilities, classrooms, and laboratories all meticulously constructed according to recognized industry best-practices and with a student-first mindset. I have no doubt that students and educators alike will be brimming with enthusiasm when they step foot on campus this fall” he continued.

Initially, the Tahnoun bin Mohammed campus in Al Ain will house 2,500 students, with its capacity rising to 5,000 upon completion. The 54,000 sqm purpose-built facility includes 137 offices for staff and faculty, 36 state-of-the-art scientific laboratories empowered by artificial intelligence, a moot courtroom, 36 classrooms and a wide variety of recreational facilities.

The College of Health Sciences, the most recent college established in Abu Dhabi University; currently offers BSc programs in Laboratory Medicine, Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Nutrition, as well as Environmental Health & Safety and Public Health, which all play an integral role in qualifying capable cadres for crisis management and dealing with disasters and epidemics such as COVID-19.

Al Ain campus students can enroll in 40 programs across ADU’s five colleges: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Engineering, College of Health Sciences, and College of Law.
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