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Refer an international student through the ADU International Student Referral Program and be rewarded when they enroll.

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Terms & Conditions

  • The ADU International Student Referral Program is a tool to recognize and reward ADU students (current and newly enrolled students), alumni, faculty, and staff who promote the University and assist with the international recruitment process by referring potential students.
  • ADU’s current and newly enrolled students (who have successfully enrolled and paid for a minimum of 15 credit hours for an undergraduate program or 9 credit hours for a postgraduate program), alumni, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in the International Student Referral Program. Only the groups mentioned above are eligible for the referral reward.
  • The referral will only be considered valid if the following criteria are fulfilled:
    • Qualified International Student: The referred potential student should be a qualified international student
    • They should not be a UAE residence visa holder (via employment, dependent, other UAE university student visa etc.)
    • Neither of their parents should be a resident of the UAE at the time of application
    • GCC nationals should not be employed or have either of their parents residing in the UAE or own a property in the UAE
    • Non-GCC national expatriate students should be on an ADU-sponsored student visa
    • Full-time Students: The referred potential student enrolls in ADU as a full-time student (visiting students are not eligible). Referrals for students who apply but who do not enroll or enroll without satisfying all academic and financial requirements for the first semester will not be included.
    • Minimum Credit Hours: The referred student should have successfully enrolled and paid in full for a minimum of 15 credit hours for undergraduate programs or a minimum of 9 credit hours for postgraduate programs, have attended classes after the Add and Drop period, and not be eligible for any refund for the first-semester tuition fees.
  • The current student, alumni, faculty, or staff must complete the referral form through the online referral form link on the ADU website. The referrer will receive an email notification confirming if the referral is valid, e.g. another party has not already referred the potential student.
  • Referral awards are paid once all the conditions are met.
  • Multiple referrals for the same student will be rewarded on a first referral basis.
  • Referral admissions are subject to the University’s admission and assessment policies and procedures.
  • Extended family (e.g. cousins) of a current student can fall under the International Student Referral Program. Immediate family (e.g. brothers or sisters) of a current student who claim the sibling discount will not be eligible.
  • Once you refer an international student, you are eligible for a tuition fee waiver of AED 5,000 (for current and newly enrolled students) for your next semester or a bursary of AED 5,000 (for alumni, faculty, and staff).
  • Abu Dhabi University reserves the right to change the International Student Referral Program or the referral award structure at its discretion. Subsequent referral program changes will apply to all referral awards after changes are made, even for students referred before the changes.
  • Abu Dhabi University retains the right to terminate the program at any time at its discretion.
Terms & Conditions will be revised for each new academic year. Any additional changes will be published on the Abu Dhabi University website.

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