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Postgraduate Transfers

All participants need to provide the following documents four months before the expected date of enrollment

  • The credits have been earned at the postgraduate level from a federal or licensed institution in the UAE or a recognized foreign institute of higher learning
  • The student can demonstrate good academic standing (CGPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent
  • The student has received grades of at least B, and the coursework is deemed comparable to what is required in the specific degree program
  • Credit transfer will not be granted twice for the same or similar course taken at two different institutions
  • The course credit hours to be transferred are equal or higher to the credit hours of Abu Dhabi University courses
  • Transfer credits may be given for equivalent Abu Dhabi University courses when, in the opinion of the appropriate Dean, the learning outcomes of the proposed transfer courses and the level of study are deemed equivalent to that of Abu Dhabi University’s courses
  • Postgraduate students may apply for credit transfer on courses taken prior to joining Abu Dhabi University once only when they first apply for admission to ADU
  • Only courses taught in the English language are eligible for credit transfers to Abu Dhabi University
  • Credit cannot be counted twice towards awards. This means that credit cannot be transferred from a Master degree that the student has already been awarded to the one they are planning to pursue
  • The maximum approved transfer credits for a postgraduate degree program must not exceed 25% of the total credit hours
  • Credits transferred do not include those earned for thesis work
  • The final decision on the eligibility of transferred credits is at the discretion of the Dean of the relevant College

Official transcripts, as well as official course syllabi from the previous institution, must be sent to the Registrar’s Office in order to process requests for the transfer of credits. Courses taken outside the UAE are subject to the UAE Ministry of Education’s approval before the credits can be transferred.

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