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College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of relevant and unique programs in the fields of health, the environment, media, and education, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Applied Sciences and Mathematics

Dr. Abdelwahab Kharab

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Deena Elsori

Department Chair of Applied Sciences & Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Haitham Farok

Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics

Dr. Haydar Akca

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Dr. Hichem El Euch

Professor of Physics

Dr. Hikmat Hamad

Associate Professor of Physics

Dr. Jamal Benbourenane

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Jolly Jacob

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Kendra Guilford

Assistant Professor in Public Health

Dr. Makhtar Sarr

Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Manar Bani Mfarrej

Assistant Professor of Environmental Health and Safety

Dr. Nida Qafisheh

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Coordinator of Environmental Health & Safety

Dr. Rania Al Dweik

Assistant Professor of Public Health

Communication Studies and Languages

Dr. Ahmed El Nimeiri

Associate Professor of English

Dr. Gameel Hussein

Professor of Modern Literary Criticism

Dr. Marwa Agiza

Assistant Professor of Technology and Mass Communication

Dr. Muhamad Sham Bin S. Ali

Associate Professor of Mass Communication

Dr. Nunna Prasad

Associate Professor of Mass Communication

Dr. Viola Gjylbegaj

Assistant Professor of Communication

Dr. Zvezdan Vukanovic

Associate Professor in Mass Communication

Education Department

Dr. Asma Abdallah

Assistant Professor of Educational Administration

Dr. Cheantel Adams

Assistant Professor of Education

Dr. Constantine Andoniou

Associate Professor of Education- Information System in Education

Dr. Ghanem Al Bustami

Professor of Development and Education, Psychology Program Coordinator

Dr. Ghina El Abboud

Assistant Professor of Education

Dr. Layne Hunt

Assistant Professor of Education

Dr. Mohamed Fteiha

Al Ain Campus Director, Associate Professor of Special Education and Chair Education Department

Dr. Mohammed Musah

Assistant Professor of School Administration

Dr. Shafia Abdulrahman

Associate Professor of Mathematics Education

Dr. Tareq Alkhasawneh

Assistant Professor of Foundations of Education

Dr. Venkat Rao Vishnumolakala

Assistant Professor of Science Education

Academic Advisors

Ms. Israa A Hussein

Academic Advisor

Ms. Nouf Al Faisal

Academic Advisor

Dean's Office

Dr. Hamdi Sheibani

Dean, Arts & Sciences

Ms. Ivy de Jesus

Executive Assistant