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College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of relevant and unique programs in the fields of health, the environment, media, and education, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Department of Applied Sciences

Prof. Jolly Jacob

Chair, Department of Applied Sciences & Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Haitham Farok

Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics

Dr. Deepa Suresh

Instructor of I.T.

Dr. Nermin Eissa

Senior Instructor of Bio Chemistry

Dr. Muad Ghaith

Senior Instructor of Physics

Mr. Abdul Rahman Habeeb Puthuveettil

Biology & Chemistry Lab Specialist

Dr. Asiya Nazir

Biology & Chemistry Lab Specialist

Ms. Sajeena Abdul Harees

Physics Lab Specialist

Mr. Muhammad Umair Khan

Physics Lab Specialist

Department of Education

Dr. Mohammad A. Fteiha

Chair, Department of Education Associate Professor of Special Education

Dr. Ghanem Jaser Al Bustami

Professor of Educational Psychology & Development

Dr. Constantine Andoniou

Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Shafia Abdulrahman

Associate Professor of Mathematics Education

Dr. Daniela Coelho

Assistant Professor of Education

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Smitha Dev

Chair, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences & Senior Instructor of Psychology

Mrs. Rubina Qureshi

Senior Instructor - Sociology MEd, Teacher Education

Mr. Anand Dwivedi

Instructor of Study Skills

Mrs. Deenaz Kanji

Instructor of Social Sciences

Mrs. Duha Lababidi

Instructor of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mrs. Nagam Hussein

Instructor of Islamic Culture

Department of Languages

Dr. Sullay Mohamed Kanu

Chair, Department of Languages Senior Instructor of English

Mrs. Yara Azouqa

Senior Instructor of English

Mrs. Beena Vijayvalsalan

Senior Instructor of English

Dr. Richa Goyal

Senior Instructor of English

Mr. Al Arabi Ben Thaier

Senior Instructor of Arabic

Mr. Rafik Al Zinoubi

Instructor of TESOL and English

Department of Mass Communication

Dr. Muhamad Sham Bin S. Ali

Chair, Department of Mass Communication Associate Professor of Mass Communication

Dr. Nunna Venkata Prasad

Associate Professor of Mass Communication

Dr. Viola Gjylbegaj

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication

Dr. Marwa Mohamed Shebl Egiza

Assistant Professor of Technology and Mass Communication

Dr. Hunida Gindil Ahmadoun

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mass Communication

Mr. Ali Alzeitawi

Media Lab Specialist

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Hatem Mohamed Deif

Chair, Department of Math & Statistics Senior Instructor of Mathematics

Dr. Haydar Akca

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Dr. Makhtar Sarr

Assistant Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Sofiane Grira

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Mr. Muhammad Farooq

Instructor of Mathematics

Dr. Mohamad Mustafa Hammoudi

Instructor of Mathematics and Statistics

Mr. Syed Salman Mahmood

Instructor of Mathematics

Mrs. Nesma Khalil

Instructor of Mathematics

Academic Advisors

Ms. Israa A Hussein

Academic Advisor

Ms. Rachelle Rodriguez

Academic Advisor

Dean's Office

Dr. Sreethi Nair

Dean, Arts & Sciences

Mr. Shannon Glasgow

AA College of Arts & Sciences Campus Coordinator

Ms. Mary Grace Ereno

Executive Assistant

Ms. Ivy de Jesus

Executive Assistant

Ms. Amelita Regino

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Erum Khowaja

Teaching Assistant