College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the media and education fields.

BA in Mass Communication (Arabic and English); Professional Diploma in Teaching (English); MSc in Special Education; and MEd in Educational Leadership. CAS also provides college requirement courses for undergraduate students in the areas of English, Sciences, Mathematics, and Statistics.

The best choice for students across all Emirates

The Vision

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) will be a transformative and dynamic college that fosters intellectual inquiry, lifelong learning, and global citizenship.

The best choice for students across all Emirates

The Mission

CAS is a distinctive college serving as a transition platform for students at all levels. It is committed to student success and provides innovative and enriching educational experiences that promote transferable skills, adaptability, and community involvement.

Abu Dhabi University

About our College of Arts and Sciences

CAS offers bachelor’s degrees in Mass Communication (in both English and Arabic), as well as advanced degrees in specialized areas of education including a Professional Diploma in Teaching (English), Master of Education in Educational Leadership, and Master of Science in Special Education.

If you are an education practitioner, you can advance your career with a Master of Education in Education Leadership, Master of Science in Special Education, or Professional Diploma in Teaching (PGDip). The PGDip has graduated more than 4000 students.  You will study in an environment that combines practical experience with the latest research in teaching and learning strategies.

In addition to your chosen discipline, CAS will equip you with the transferable skills vital in today’s workforce and involve you in the local community in a range of initiatives. We keep our thinking current through a regular suite of guest speakers, all experts in their fields.

Flexible timings will ensure you find a schedule that works for you. Our postgraduate programs provide the option of six different admission points throughout the year, giving you a flexibility unparalleled in any other institution in the region.

Three Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) provide extensive opportunities for external collaboration. Our MoU with East Carolina University, USA, has paved the way for student and faculty exchange, research collaboration, and program partnerships; the MoU signed with the National Media Council provides educational and training opportunities for ADU students, as well as training for media professionals through ADU; our collaboration with the Emirates Autism Society provides a framework for collaboration on activities related to autism spectrum disorders, as well as training and internship opportunities, the creation of new programs, research, seminars, and conferences.

College of Arts and Sciences


The Department of Applied Sciences aims to instill expertise in basic and applied sciences in students with ambitions for careers in engineering and health sciences.

Our mission is to educate undergraduate students through individual attention and to provide students with a flexible yet robust learning infrastructure through proactive and adaptive service systems.

We have an extensive portfolio of subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and General Education courses. Our General Education courses include General Science, Information Technology, Sustainability Sciences, and Geology. Students are taught by a team of dynamic and dedicated faculty and staff who specialize in a wide range of science and research work. Our faculty pride themselves on student learning, continuous improvement, research, and scholarship.

We engage with society and industry through various outreach programs. As a Department, we create a collaborative environment that embraces interdisciplinary thought, creativity, and advances the translation of ideas into innovations that strengthen the knowledge base of the Applied Sciences.

The Department of Education is committed to helping educators, including teachers, principals, superintendents, and school communities, meet the educational needs of each student. We are pleased to offer professional development workshops, a postgraduate diploma in teaching, and master’s degree programs in a variety of disciplines to meet the needs of current and future educators. We offer postgraduate programs that develop teachers, leaders, and researchers in education. Our graduate programs provide opportunities for advanced study and research in education and foster the development of innovative responses to challenges in the field of education. Our programs are designed to meet licensure guidelines, licensing requirements, professional association recommendations, college and university requirements, and individual student goals.

Our mission is to prepare candidates who possess the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and dedication to lifelong learning that will support their practice as educational professionals.

We are dedicated to the creation and development of educators who will have a lasting and positive impact on student learning and their communities. Our students and alumni are innovative and ethical practitioners, dedicated to learning for all students regardless of their backgrounds, and prepared to meet the challenges of 21st-century schools.

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences falls under the General Education curriculum within the College of Arts and Sciences. We offer a wide range of foundation courses catering to the creative, academic, and professional interests of all our undergraduate students. These courses are aimed at developing future work skills such as critical thinking, communication and collaboration, and research skills, as well as providing foundational skills required by other disciplines. Our key objective is to enable our students to acquire foundational knowledge and skills that can be applied across a broad range of subjects.

Our vision is to develop students into well-rounded, holistic professionals with a solid understanding of our contemporary world. Our courses engage students in profound thinking in social, ethical, cultural, and economic realms, as required from a 21st-century professional. Our forward-thinking approach anticipates the ever-changing needs of industry and provides cutting-edge courses such as Emotional Intelligence, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Life Skills, and Developing Future Leaders. Our student-centric learning environment is the hallmark of the Department.

The Department of Languages offers students language training for a variety of purposes and at different levels. We teach Academic Writing in English, Technical Communication for the Workplace, Communication Skills in Arabic, Arabic as a Heritage Language, General English, French, and Italian. Students are at the heart of our mission, and we prepare them with the appropriate linguistic skills to help them progress successfully through their majors, as well as face the linguistic challenges of the workplace. With a sizable international student community, we advocate for an academic environment where cultural and linguistic diversity is respected and celebrated.

The Department of Mass Communication in the College of Arts and Sciences offers an innovative media-based program in Mass Communication. The program’s unique structure allows students to tailor their interest in media and communication toward a particular career route in Broadcasting, Public Relations, Advertising, or Journalism.

The Department currently offers a BA in Mass Communication (in English) with concentrations in Broadcast Journalism and Strategic Communication, and a Bachelor in Mass Communication (in Arabic) with concentrations in Radio and Television, and Public Relations and Advertising.

In the Mass Communication programs, our primary goal is to produce well-rounded graduates with a focus on competencies in creativity, critical thinking, and analytical skills that are in demand in the media industry. The programs carefully balance theory and practice, and our up-to-date syllabus provides substantial employment opportunities in advertising and public relations agencies, television stations, radio stations, and news and web publishing companies.

Media and communication practitioners are in high demand to support industry growth. Media institutions, governmental bodies, and all other profit and non-profit organizations are looking for qualified communicators to contact their audience. Our industry-focused programs consider the socioeconomic and cultural needs of the local and global environments for all facets of media and communication.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is a community of learners and teachers dedicated to providing students with an understanding and appreciation of mathematics and statistics. We strive to instill in students the importance of math in life and improve their general attitude towards numbers and their use.

We provide students from various undergraduate programs with the necessary tools to pursue their studies and careers through regular consultation with faculty from other disciplines. We offer math and statistics courses at multiple levels to enable students to build the quantitative reasoning competencies required for their major.

Our commitment to creating an environment conducive to faculty development means students receive high-quality instruction and a high level of faculty-student interaction.

Academic Success Center


The Academic Success Center (ASC) is home to a variety of free support services that include tutoring, academic coaching, success workshops, and much more for ADU students.

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