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College of Business

Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Type Undergraduate
Credit Hours 120 Hours
Duration 4 Years
Language English
Study mode Full Time
Intake Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Delivery mode Day
Campuses Abu Dhabi, Dubai


Entrepreneurship is fast becoming a transformational trend in the 21st century. It has the capacity to reshape economies and industries, is a key driver of economic growth, generates jobs, introduces new products and services, and is vital for creativity and innovation.

This one-of-a-kind program, offered in a country with a unique history of innovation and entrepreneurship, will provide you with the theoretical concepts and experiential opportunities needed to seize entrepreneurial opportunities. You will look at areas of entrepreneurial creativity and innovation, social entrepreneurship, venture feasibility, business plan development, and family business management strategy.  You will be equipped with a range of transferable skills required in a broad range of entrepreneurial and business environments.

Common across all specializations in the Bachelor of Business Administration programs are courses that will provide you with a solid foundation to communicate effectively, carry out research, understand legal, social, professional and ethical responsibilities in a business environment, apply analytical and critical thinking to business issues, use information technology effectively and understand the dynamics of a complex global business environment.

Our program undergoes a rigorous process of continual improvement to ensure it stays relevant and in line with developments within the world of business.

Agreements with top ranked business schools in Europe, USA and Australia provide opportunities for student exchanges and other collaborations.

“Innovation is my passion.”  

"Innovation is my passion. I joined ADU in August 2016 and was instrumental in the development of the later stages of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. I launched ADU’s Innovation Center early in 2018 and have previously been involved in innovation and technology management in numerous large scale European and corporate research projects.  

My international experience means that I am able to develop courses and concepts to international standards. I’m excited to be working with ADU at a time when they are advancing all their programs to embrace 21st century skills and with a focus on innovation and creativity.”

Dr. Petra Turkama

Tuition Fees structure & calculation

Abu Dhabi

Course Type
Total (Aed)
Credit Hour Cost (Aed)
Required Credits
Credit Hour Cost (Aed)
Required Credits


Course Type
Total (Aed)
Credit Hour Cost (Aed)
Required Credits
Credit Hour Cost (Aed)
Required Credits

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Career opportunities


Graduates of this program will be well placed to launch their own businesses, help with family businesses or join other organizations to help with expansion, new product development, innovation and ideas. 

Entry requirements

Secondary School Certificate
Type of Secondary School Certificate
Ministry of Education Schools- General Track
Ministry of Education Schools- Advanced Track
Abu Dhabi Education Council Track
Achieving the minimum average of 75% on completing grade 12
Indian Senior Secondary Certificates (CBSE), or State Board Examinations, or Indian School Certificates awarded by ICSE
Achieving the minimum average of 45% on completing grade 12
British System (IGCSE & GCE)
Completing a total of 7 subjects from either IGCSE level or AS/A2 levels, in at least 4 of the following fields: Mathematics, Languages, Sciences, Social Studies and Humanities, Art and Design; with a minimum required grade of C for the IGCSE level subjects, D for the AS Levels, and E for A2 subjects.

Successfully provide evidence / certificate of completing at least 11 years of schooling.
Canadian & American High School Diplomas
Achieving the minimum average of 75% on completing grade 12 or its equivalent of overall average C+ grade or 2.5/ 4.0
International Baccalaureate Diploma
Successfully completing 6 subjects, with at least 2 at the higher level (HL) and a minimum total of 24 points.

Course outline

General Education
39 credit hours
45 credit hours
30 credit hours
Major Electives
6 credit hours
Open Electives
0 credit hours