Office of Academic Integrity

Welcome to the Office of Academic Integrity (OAI).

Coordinate & provide education about academic integrity

Services & Responsibilities

The OAI promotes University-wide academic integrity initiatives by working closely with Colleges and support units to coordinate and provide education about academic integrity. In addition to the provision of services and workshops, we also implement the Academic Integrity Policy. Following is a high-level description of our mandate:

Education and Awareness of Academic Integrity

The Office of Academic Integrity aims to highlight ADU’s expectations for academic integrity through:

  • Provision of counseling and advice to students to help prevent academic integrity violations
  • Delivering workshops on academic integrity for students, faculty, and staff
  • Developing materials, displays, audio-visual material, printed material, and other forms of communications related to the issue of academic integrity
  • Provision of procedural expertise and support to College faculty and staff to ensure they appreciate the value of academic integrity
  • Training faculty on plagiarism prevention systems such as Turn-it-in software
  • Proposing and implementing ways and means to discourage violations of academic integrity

Implementation of the Academic Integrity Policy Judicial Process

The judicial process is intended to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all reported cases of academic integrity violations based on the principle of due process. The process establishes the framework for validation, as well as disposition of alleged violations. Cases of alleged violation with insufficient evidence will be dismissed, whereas those with sufficient evidence are referred to the Academic Integrity Committee (AIC). The AIC is comprised of the Head of OAI, the Dean(s) of the college(s) for the student and the course, the Registrar, the Director of Student Affairs, and a student representative.

The OAI will also facilitate the decision-making process for appropriate sanctions and communication thereof.

Oversight of the Appeal Process

The appeal process involves reevaluation of the evidence used to substantiate a case of AI violation. An appeal is an integral part of due process and a requirement of the AIP. Cases eligible for appeal are submitted to the Academic Integrity Appeal Committee (AIAC). The membership in AIAC is comprised of the Provost, the Head of OAI, and two faculty members.

Promote a culture of learning

Student Responsibilities

As members of Abu Dhabi University’s academic community, students bear a substantial responsibility to promote a culture of learning while adhering to the fundamental principles of ethics, honesty, and academic integrity. To that end, students are responsible for:

  • Familiarizing themselves with, and understanding, the Academic Integrity Policy (AIP) and its procedures.
  • Reporting violations and suspected incidents of academic dishonesty
  • Seeking advice and support from the Office of Academic Integrity when questions arise
  • Access the resources provided by the OAI, faculty members, mentors and other support services
  • Request explanations or clarifications on any aspect of the ADU Code of Honor and/or AIP, its provisions, and procedures.

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