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Future Schools 2030

Professional Development Certificate for School Leaders

Educating Global Citizens

Every educator’s mission is to prepare their students for the future job market. Future graduate profiles increasingly highlight intangible skills like entrepreneurial mindset, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, innovativeness, and cultural awareness. Building these skills should be reflected in a school’s curriculum, pedagogy, and culture.


In this module, we review various methods for building learning environments conducive to innovation and entrepreneurial education. We explore ways to implement these best practices in the context of the UAE and discuss potential barriers and obstacles in the process. In the second part of the module, we focus on the participants’ reflection of their particular learning environment and job role. We will share practical tools and guidelines for creating a culture of innovation and experimentation, along with metrics for assessing the innovativeness and learning environment in schools.


Skills you will gain


Part 1: Educating Global Citizens


Part 2: Building an Innovation Culture


Dr. Petra Turkama

Dr. Turkama is an innovation management professional with vast international experience in directing, delivering, and promoting academic institutions, innovation, and research projects and educational programs in Far East Asia, Middle East, and Europe. She is a scholar with broad-based multi-disciplinary research experience in ICT innovation, service science, organizational management, and policy studies. She has 10+ years of industry experience in technology management, marketing, and business development in the telecommunications industry before joining academia. Dr. Turkama teaches courses in innovation and technology management and entrepreneurship at the undergraduate, MBA, and DBA and executive education levels. She is an active contributor to international innovation and technology management conferences, publications, committees, and boards. Her areas of specialization are Innovation Management, Technology Management, Entrepreneurship, and Business Models.