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Future Schools 2030

Professional Development Certificate for School Leaders

The Vision and Leadership for Future Schools

Scenario-building is a powerful tool that facilitates innovation by releasing decision-makers from the here and now and enabling them to envision a future that is not limited by the status-quo and current challenges. Scenarios are projections of possible futures 15-20 years from now. Trends and expected future (technological, economic, social) developments fuel these scenarios.


In this module, we start by sharing various powerful and divergent scenarios on the future of schooling worldwide. We then work with participants to identify which aspects of these scenarios inspire the most and formulate possible strategies to work toward achieving these desired features in schooling. In the second part of the module, we switch focus from institutional design to individual development. We dive into leadership models and practices that contribute to realizing a more inclusive - and therefore, more resilient and innovative - educational environment. Whether you are a school principal, teacher, or councilor, these modules will provide you with conceptual and practical insights on how to develop your school and yourself as a leading participant in that transition.


Skills you will gain


Part 1: Visions of Future Schooling


Part 2: Future School Leadership Models


Dr. Anne van Ewijk

Dr. Anne van Ewijk is Associate Professor of Management in Abu Dhabi University’s College of Business. She teaches students at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral level. Her research focuses on strategic diversity policies, entrepreneurship education, creativity, and leadership. With seven years of full-time industry experience as an international management consultant, she is a qualified entrepreneurship educator through the Stanford University Center for Professional Expertise and a member of the UAE Ministry of Education’s Expert Committee on Entrepreneurship Education.

Dr.Anne Ewijk