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College of Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (ABET Accredited)

Type Undergraduate
Credit Hours 137 Hours
Duration 4 Years
Language English
Study mode Full Time
Intake Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Delivery mode Day
Campuses Abu Dhabi, Al Ain


Computer engineering is a driving force behind innovation and technologies that are changing the world, pushing computing power and capabilities to the edge. Bridging hardware, software, networking, and lately artificial intelligence, computer engineering graduates fill an ever-growing demand across many industries, ranging from IT infrastructure to healthcare, green energy to aeronautics.

Design, development, testing and manufacturing of smart systems are the foundation of this program that will enable you to work in all areas served by technology. From working on tiny computerized systems found in thermostats or the latest smartphone apps to significantly larger ones found in industrial robots, cars, or data centers, the emphasis is on innovation and hands-on experience to transform cities to smart cities in virtually all sectors. 

A rich selection of elective courses including security, mobile application development, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of things and cloud computing means you can customise your learning to exactly what you see as your future role in this fast-paced industry.

Developed according to the standards of international professional bodies such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE), the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS), and the Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP), this program ensures that you will be uniquely qualified to design, analyze, and test wide-ranging solutions using state-of-the-art technologies. 

We pride ourselves on the agility of our program, responding quickly to the ever-changing market needs. As technology advances and evolves, so do our curriculum and students.

“ADU has become a family tradition. We know we will succeed here.”

“Four of my siblings studied in ADU before me and all graduated with distinction. And my younger sister has just started a Bachelor in Architecture too. It’s fair to say that ADU has become somewhat of a family tradition. We know we will succeed here.

The professors have a great sense of humour. They have to really – sometimes we might ask them to repeat the same point a hundred times (well, not quite) and they always do! They’re really smart, very approachable, and give us the time and attention we need. They go the extra mile to support us."

Lina Al Khatib from Palestine

Program educational objectives and student outcomes

Tuition fees structure & calculation

Abu Dhabi

Course Type
Total (Aed)
Credit Hour Cost (Aed)
Required Credits
Credit Hour Cost (Aed)
Required Credits

Al Ain

Course Type
Total (Aed)
Credit Hour Cost (Aed)
Required Credits
Credit Hour Cost (Aed)
Required Credits

Tuition is based upon the College and/or Department classification as opposed to the course classification or level. Tuition rates for undergraduate students vary from the tuition rates for graduate students.

The tuition fee calculations are an example only and are based on the assumption that elective courses will be taken with the College that the student is taking their major with. However, if the student selects elective courses outside of this College, the total cost payable may increase or decrease to reflect the tuition rate of the College where the elective is delivered.

Costs of books and supplies are not included in the Tuition and Fees. Students at Abu Dhabi University are also required to pay certain fees and other costs to attend the University. Abu Dhabi University reserves the right to change tuition and fee rates at any time. A tuition schedule is published prior to registration for each semester.

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Career opportunities

A common misconception is that Computer Engineering students are being prepared for jobs as computer technicians or MS Office application experts. The reality is that five of the top seven most important technology jobs for the future come under the umbrella of computer engineering. You can work in Big Data, cyber security, AI/robotics, IoT, and cloud computing.

Graduates of this program have gone on to work in a wide range of companies including, but not limited to, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, ADGAS, ADNOC, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Creative Robotics, Etisalat, MDS Computers, Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Education, and twoFour54.  

Entry requirements

High School Curriculum
Minimum Grade*
Language Proficiency
MOE Advance 80% Academic IELTS 5.0
or EMSAT English 1000
or ITP (taken at Amideast) 500
or Internet- based TOEFL (iBT) 61
MOE General
Math & Physics grade of 90%
Required to take Remedial Physics offered by ADU
Level 3 in Maths & Physics
UAE Literary Streams High School (Before 2017) Not applicable
UAE Science Streams High School (Before 2017) 80%
**American / Canadian
(subjects are more Science & Math Oriented)
**British Curriculum or IGCSE / GCE
(Completed Year 13/Grade 12 of High School)
**Indian/Pakistani/Bangladesh 50%
**International Baccalaureate 24 points

Course outline

General Education
21 credit hours
47 credit hours
42 credit hours
Major Electives
9 credit hours
Open Electives
6 credit hours