Welcome to the third globally ranked university for international faculty and ninth for international students.

Globally ranked university

Future Students

Abu Dhabi University admits qualified students regardless of race, sex, religion, country of origin or disability. ‎ We provide as much support as possible to students with disabilities.

Abu Dhabi University accepts applications on a rolling basis throughout the year, with intakes in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Applications should be submitted by the dates published in the Abu Dhabi University Academic Calendar. The Admissions, Enrollment & International Relations Department will provide application forms and supplementary information, as well as the date, time, and place of the required entrance examination, if any. All applications will be reviewed and evaluated on an individual basis.

All documents received by Abu Dhabi University in connection with applications will become the property of Abu Dhabi University. Although they cannot be returned to the applicant, they will not be forwarded to another institution or duplicated for any other purpose.

Students submitting their applications to Abu Dhabi University must certify that the information they have provided is truthful and accurate. Non-disclosure of relevant information and false or misleading information will be grounds for rejection of the application or termination of enrolment.

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