About ADU’s College of Business

Abu Dhabi University’s College of Business offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs to build and enhance your business, management and leadership career.

Our College of Business is both EQUIS and AACSB accredited. Only 1% of business schools worldwide have this double accreditation.

The best choice for students across all Emirates

The Vision

To be recognised as a leading, globally connected business school creating and disseminating transformational knowledge and fostering sustainability for business and society.

The best choice for students across all Emirates

The Mission

With a student-centric philosophy, the College of Business prepares graduates to drive organizational transformation through leadership in business sustainability. The College achieves its mission through the strategic themes of innovative and relevant programs, high impact research, and active engagement, which are underpinned by the cross-cutting strategic themes of business sustainability and global connectivity. The College mission is a statement of shared purpose and is underpinned by our values (excellence, respect, innovation, integrity, and equity).

Abu Dhabi University

About Abu Dhabi University’s College of Business

You can choose from a number of specializations in our undergraduate and postgraduate programs: Finance, Accounting, Tourism and Event Management, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Aviation Management, Digital Marketing Communications, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Our BBA with concentrations in accounting and finance were designed in line with certifications from CIMA and CMA, enabling you to work towards professional certifications at the same time as gaining your bachelor’s degree.

Our MBA program provides the option of six different admission points throughout the year. This gives you a flexibility unparalleled in any other institution in the region. Along with the option to study on a part-time or full-time basis, you can also choose between weekend and weekday study, an approach designed to meet the needs of the busy working professional.

In addition, our Master of Strategic Leadership will provide you with tools you can use in transforming your organization. We were also the first university to run a doctoral program in Abu Dhabi - Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA).

As part of our extra-curricular initiatives, we host three categories of guest speaker activities: our ‘Distinguished Speaker’ series focuses on C level executives from blue chip organizations and senior diplomats; the ‘Guest Lecture’ series invites subject matter experts to address the ADU community; and the ‘Entrepreneur’ series gives budding entrepreneurs the chance to share their experiences.

We are proud to be a member of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS), the international business honor society for AASCB-accredited business schools. Our international partnerships with institutions spread over four continents and add a global perspective to your education through study abroad, dual and joint degrees, our 2+2 programs or short-term exchange options. Agreements include our joint programs with Queensland University of Technology and Monash University in Australia, which allow you to earn awards from both ADU and the partner university, as well as short-term study abroad programs in France (Rennes School of Business, Audencia Business School, Burgundy School of Business), UK (University of Kent), South Korea (Korea University Business School), Brazil (University of Sao Paulo) and Ireland (Dublin City University).


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Accounting is its fundamental form involves the generation and use of financial and operational information business decision making. It has been referred to as, "The language of business." Accounting seeks to measure the results of an organization's business activities and provide this information to management, investors, creditors, consumers, and employees.

Accounting courses are divided into two primary areas: Financial accounting pertains to information provided to external users of corporate financial statements. It is important in investment banking, investor relations, mergers and acquisitions, and other finance-related careers. Management accounting emphasizes information used within a firm for budgeting, performance evaluation, product pricing and cost control. It is useful for those pursuing careers in marketing, operations management and consulting.

The faculty members are dedicated to providing a high quality teaching environment that enables our students to achieve their personal and professional potential. This is achieved through the close cooperation of the faculty with industry and the accounting profession.

Marketing is much more than selling or advertising. The marketing program integrates topics from market research, advertising, international business, strategic market planning, market intelligence and consumer behavior into a unified course of study. It is a discipline that requires study and also the primary function that dictates and drives overall business strategy.

Effective marketing is critical for the long-term success of any business organization because this function insures that the firm attracts, retains, and grows customers by creating, delivering and communicating superior customer value. Because every organization in every industry has a marketing function, career opportunities for graduates are plentiful.

"Employment of advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers are expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations through 2014." - US Dept. of Labor

Finance is a scientific discipline that studies the management of money and other assets. It consists of five fields: Personal Finance, Corporate Finance, Management of Financial Institutions, Investment and International Finance. It helps the students to gain knowledge about different topics such as: time value of the money, financial analysis, capital budgeting, cost of capital, risk and return, portfolio management, financial markets, financial assets and risk management.

Our Finance courses provide the students with a deep understanding of the finance world and a solid foundation to pursue their future studies and careers in the financial services industry.

Management as a discipline specifies certain code of conduct for managers & indicates various methods of managing an enterprise. The Management Program prepares its graduates for entry level management positions in organizations.

We strive to prepare graduates who are outgoing and creative with the ability to motivate and guide other for the attainment of desired goals. Graduates will be also equipped with skills to apply information technology applications to excel in the dynamics of the global economy.

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