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Future Schools 2030

Professional Development Certificate for School Leaders

What will Schools look like in 2030?

It is interesting to imagine how the school of the future will look. It is predicted that education systems will undergo significant changes, with schools becoming interactive environments where innovations in technology and curricula will fundamentally transform the role of teachers and reshape the landscape of learning.


In this module, we will discuss how schools in 2030 will have evolved to become learning networks that facilitate the move toward collaborative learning. Additionally, we will shed light on the new aspects of future curricula and how they will become more individualized, reflecting the needs of each student, and the new role of the teacher. This module will also discuss the challenges that are facing school leaders in the UAE during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and the various best practices they undertake to cope with the new conditions.


Skills you will gain


Part 1: Future Classroom and Curricula


Part 2: Best Practices of UAE School Leaders during the Pandemic


Prof. Sherine Farouk

Prof. Sherine Farouk joined the faculty of Abu Dhabi University’s College of Business in 2007. She currently holds the positions of Assistant Provost for Academic Projects and Associate Dean for Enrolment and Student Success. Before joining ADU, she was an Assistant Professor in the London School of Economics and Arab Academy for Science and Technology. She has served as the head of many committees, including student engagement, recruitment, assurance of learning, curriculum, and registration in universities in London, as well as at Abu Dhabi University. She also served as the Director of Undergraduate Student Research for several years at Abu Dhabi University. 

Prof. Sherine has received several awards and honors in her academic journey, including the Abu Dhabi University Ambassador Award in 2017, the University Distinguished Faculty Award in 2016, the University Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Performance in 2013, and the University Teaching Award for Distinguished Teaching in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. She has also received awards for ‘Best Paper’ from international conferences for her research papers and part of the editorial board for various international scientific journals. 

She received her Ph.D. from London Metropolitan University, London, UK (2007), an MBA from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Egypt (1999), and her BBA in Accounting from King Saoud University, KSA.