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Abu Dhabi University Launches Its First Happiness Course

·       Program supports UAE’s vision to become world’s happiest country

·       Integrated as part of Public Health program curriculum

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 9 2018 – Abu Dhabi University (ADU), an internationally recognized academic institution for quality education and applied research, has launched a Happiness Course as part of the core requirements of its Public Health program across campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Marking the first time that such a curriculum is to be offered at ADU, the Introduction to Happiness and Positive Psychology Course focuses on the definition of happiness, positive psychology, principles of positive psychology and happiness, as well as on positive psychology strategies and the practical application of happiness. It will also cover the core components of positive psychology with an emphasis on the optimistic side of human nature and the most effective ways for individuals to thrive and achieve their potential.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Deena Elsori, Head of Department of Applied Sciences and Mathematics at ADU, said: “The happiness course is a fruitful outcome of several rigorous workshops and training programs for our faculty members on the concept and notion of happiness. Faculty members participating in the training sessions examined ways to develop individual happiness, understand the fundamentals of positive psychology, and how to transfer this learning into their roles as educators. We are confident that this first-of-its-kind course will help our students focus better on their individual well-being.”

ADU student Ghaid Mari Ghazi, said: “I opted to for this course as I am keen to learn how to live in the moment, stay more optimistic/positive about life and spread happiness around me. This course gives me a valuable opportunity to understand the science and figure out how to apply the techniques in our everyday lives.”

Leandro Meneghetti, another ADU student added: “This course is largely pragmatic and includes programs, interactions, group activities, games and practical homework. We are taught how to apply our strengths, positive emotions, meaningful engagements and relationships, as well as of accomplishment in promoting well-being and maintaining happiness.”

Fiona Barron, faculty member at ADU, has significant regional experience pioneering academic and corporate well-being programs, and is credited with developing and conducting the course, said “I began the course by asking the students about their expectations and what they want to achieve by undertaking this experience. The feedback I received revolved around ways to increase self-confidence and positive energy, while dealing with stress, live in the moment and remain content. By giving students some empowering tools, we hope to enable them to grow into stronger and more confident young adults that lead a happier and more balanced life.”

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