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Inspiring Research and Innovation: ADU Hosts Engineering Forum

In line with their students first approach, Abu Dhabi University (ADU) hosted a joint research-based forum with Arizona State University (ASU) that focused on various sectors in the field of engineering.

Abu Dhabi—19 June 2019: In line with their students first approach, Abu Dhabi University (ADU) hosted a joint research-based forum with Arizona State University (ASU) that focused on various sectors in the field of engineering. The forum, which took place at the University’s main campus in Abu Dhabi, was attended by over 60 participants consisting of undergraduate and graduate students from ADU and other academic institutions in the UAE, industry, and government. The forum provided an opportunity for scientists and engineers engaged in research and development to meet and discuss topics related to hot weather concreting in the areas of structure, materials, and geotechnical engineering, and featured distinguished keynote lectures alongside technical and industrial sessions.

Organized as part of a joint venture between ADU and Arizona State University (ASU), the forum, entitled ‘Concrete in Hot Weather: Structures, Materials and Geotechnical’ was supported by the American Society of Engineers (ASE). The event allowed engineering students at ADU to take part in insightful discussion groups led by engineering professors from the universities. It also served as a catalyst for long-term research initiatives between the two institutions and enabled students to present their own concepts and engage with industry leaders in developing their concepts further. ADU graduate and undergraduate students were involved through technical presentations, poster presentations, and the ADU-ASCE student chapter inauguration.

The first day of the forum started with opening remarks by Dr. Samer Al Martini, ADU Associate Professor and Chair of the forum’s organizing committee. Dr. Martini welcomed the key note speakers, ASCE region 10 director, industrial collaborators, and all participants.

Professor Aly Nazmy, Dean of the College of Engineering at ADU said, “The forum was designed to encourage research and soft skills amongst the community’s engineers-to-be, enabling our students to learn more about their fields of study in an interactive and engaging way. By working with other academic institutions and organizing site visits to prestigious engineering companies, we are implementing our student’s first approach and providing our students with the necessary hands-on experience they will need after graduation.”

The inaugural day consisted of four panels of speakers who shared their thoughts on the usage of concrete in hot weather, the Louvre, and Dubai municipality, amongst others and ADU ASCE Student chapter inauguration session. Four of ADU’s civil engineering master’s students presented their findings on semester-long projects involving the study of rheology, durability, sustainable concrete with recycled aggregates, and FRP reinforced concrete.

The ADU ASCE student chapter inauguration session started with Dr. Reem Sabouni ADU, associate professor and ADU ASCE student chapter mentor, welcoming Dr. Elias Sayah ASCE region 10 director who presented the student chapter with the certificate of chapter establishment.

During the second day, participants went on site visits to selected engineering companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The visits include a ready-mix concrete plant, a 3D printing company, and an aggregate recycling agency. The visits facilitated knowledge exchange and gave participants an insight into real-life scenarios.

Key speakers at the event, Prof. Narayanan Neithalath and Prof. Barzin Mobasher, Professors in the School of Sustainable Engineering and Built Environment at Arizona State University, praised the organizers’ efforts in putting together such a successful forum and also lauded the forum’s role in promoting mutual research interests and collaboration between ADU and ASU.

The third and final day saw research teams representing ADU and ASU meeting to discuss the unique experience of the three-day event. The delegates drew conclusions and endeavored to use the outcomes of the three days to build long-term research collaboration between the two universities.

ADU’s College of Engineering is the largest engineering college in the UAE. It offers a range of engineering and technology programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with new and innovative programs being introduced on an ongoing basis. ADU has nine bachelor’s and eight master’s programs in the engineering and technology fields including mechanical, chemical and civil engineering, computer and electrical engineering, information technology, engineering management, project management, aviation, architecture, and interior design.

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