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ADU Refreshes Its Innovation Strategy to Optimize the Impact of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the UAE

Abu Dhabi University appointed Dr. Alberto Peralta as the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the lead for its innovation strategy.

Under the theme of “powering a more sustainable world”, ADU refreshes its innovation strategy titled Abu Dhabi University Innovate (ADUi). ADUi is focused on three main pillars including innovation, research and incubation which will serve as the engine for the advancement of innovation and entrepreneurship education in the UAE. Since its inception, ADU has focused on maximizing its innovation efforts to provide students, faculty and the wider UAE community with sustainable and inclusive solutions to overcome challenges and innovate.

Additionally, ADU announced the appointment of Dr. Alberto Peralta as the new Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship as well as the lead for ADUi. In his new role, Dr. Peralta will look after advancing the institutional innovation strategy for internal and external stakeholders at ADU. Dr. Peralta brings vast expertise and an impressive record in research on innovation across both the public and private sectors.  His expertise in sustainable entrepreneurship and social innovation will enable ADU to be at the forefront of entrepreneurial engagement within Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the entire MENA region. 

ADUi marks a new chapter for the University, which in recent years has focused successfully on encouraging student entrepreneurs to launch their own start-ups.  The new initiative aims to provide not only students, but faculty, staff, alumni and external stakeholders with a platform to explore creative business opportunities, both within their respective sectors and across the economy at large. 

ADUi will provide a “safe zone” for discovery, testing and controlled risk-taking that will afford optimum opportunities for the success of creative minds.  The Strategy builds on the university-based research to empower both aspiring as well as seasoned innovators to pursue new ways to conceptualize, manifest and deliver product-value for a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Curating a creative entrepreneurial ecosystem for students and for ADU’s internal and external communities, ADUi will prepare innovators to adapt, thrive, and lead in innovation and entrepreneurial roles with established companies, government entities, social ventures as well as start-ups and spin-offs. In the coming months, the ADUi strategy will roll out a series of initiatives focused on supporting students, faculty, staff and the wider community through cultivating an inclusive environment of collaboration, shared understanding, connections and impact.

Dr. Peralta said: “I am thrilled to have joined the ADU family to contribute to its innovation strategy that seeks to optimize the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship in the UAE. I look forward to building on the many achievements of ADU and working hand in hand with my fellow colleagues, students and wider community to elevate the overall academic journey. The UAE has been strategizing and working tirelessly towards a more sustainable world through integrating innovation and empowering the youth to be the leaders of tomorrow.”

He added: “ADUi embodies the values of excellence, collaboration, innovation and relevance - which will contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the UAE’s innovation strategy through tackling sustainable and inclusive research, innovation, and incubation strategies.”

Professor Waqar Ahmad, Chancellor of Abu Dhabi University, commented: “As an institution, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to providing our students, faculty and the wider group of stakeholders with a fertile ground to foster innovation across every dimension of their studies and research. Our innovation strategy will be a driving force to challenge students to employ creativity and condition them with an entrepreneurial mindset that will undoubtedly prepare them for their future careers.”

ADUi combines a personalized approach with lessons learned from successful innovators and entrepreneurs through researching and promoting evidence-based practices. The initiatives within ADUi include programs, stand-alone events and relevant opportunities which will be accessible and available to all students, faculty and staff, and will include ADU communities of reference.

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