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Build a culture of innovation

Innovation Center

The ADU Innovation Center was established in 2017 to build a culture of innovation within Abu Dhabi University in teaching, research and operations, as well as extend this innovation expertise to the wider community.

Serving as a focal point for innovation activities across all areas of the University, the Center focuses on three activity streams: student experience, outreach to companies, government & schools and internal operations.

The Innovation Center looks at ways to enrich the experience of ADU students through a variety of channels including the provision of more elective courses, experimental teaching methods, value-added extracurricular activities, access to companies for real case study opportunities, peer learning, mentoring and student support, cross-course collaboration and meaningful internships. The Center also runs an entrepreneur club and an incubation program for advanced innovators.

Engagement with companies, government entities and schools strengthens ADU’s credentials as a thought-leader and innovator in the local business and broader research communities. Current and planned activities include a Talk Series targeted at business leaders and government agencies, Ted Talk events, innovation competitions, conferences, external faculty consulting, and participation in UAE based education, research & innovation initiatives.

The creation of an environment conducive to creativity and innovation is vital. The Center regularly conducts innovation audits, looks at ways to streamline activities and processes across colleges, and promotes faculty and staff as ADU innovation ambassadors.


Activities are coordinated by the Director of Innovation and delivered collaboratively by faculty, staff and partners from all Colleges. The Center’s physical space consists of a Knowledge Sharing Space, Co-Working Spaces and the Design Thinking Area, all of which are available to students on a daily basis, as well as to external parties.

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