Postgraduate Fees

International Students

Postgraduate Fee Structure

ProgramsDurationCredit HoursAverage Tution Fee (AED)
per semester
Average Tution Fee (USD)
per semester
PG Diploma in Teaching (English) 1 Year24 8,640.002,400.00
PG Diploma in Teaching (Arabic) 1 Year24 8,640.002,400.00
MEd Educational Leadership 2 Years30 15,904.004,418.00
MSc Special Education (NEW) 2 Years30 15,904.004,418.00
MBA - General 2 Years30 22,700.006,310.00
MBA - Aviation Management 2 Years33 25,560.007,100.00
MBA - Logistics & Supply Chain 2 Years33 25,560.007,100.00
MBA - Project Management 2 Years33 25,560.007,100.00
MBA - Finance 2 Years33 25,560.007,100.00
MBA - HRM 2 Years33 25,560.007,100.00
MBA - Tourism & Event Management 2 Years33 25,560.007,100.00
MBA - Risk Management & Insurance (NEW) 2 Years33 25,560.007,100.00
MBA - Strategic Management (NEW) 2 Years33 25,560.007,100.00
MBA - Org Excellence & Quality Management (NEW) 2 Years33 25,560.007,100.00
MHRM - Strategic (NEW) 2 Years33 25,560.007,100.00
Master of Strategic Leadership 2 Years30 22,720.006,310.00
ME Electrical & Computer Engineering 2 Years33 25,515.007,090.00
Master of Engineering Management 2 Years3023,520.006,535.00
Master of Project Management 2 Years3023,520.006,535.00
MSC Information Technology 2 Years3022,680.006,300.00
Doctor of Business Administration 4 Years6627,720.007,700.00
MSc Sustainable Architecture 2 Years3022,680.006,300.00
MSc Electrical & Computer Engineering 2 Years3325,515.007,090.00
MSc Mechanical Engineering 2 Years3022,680.006,300.00
MSc Civil Engineering 2 Years3022,680.006,300.00
Master of Private Law 2 Years3317,892.004,970.00
Master of Public Law 2 Years3317,892.004,970.00

Additional Fees

  • Online Application Fee (Non-refundable): AED 400
  • Registration fee (Non-refundable): AED 2,850
  • Healthcare services per year: AED 330
  • Student Services per year: AED 1,050

Accommodation Fees Per year

  • Private: AED 32,600
  • Semi-Private: AED 24,000
  • Double: AED 17,400
  • Double with Shared-bath: AED 14,200

Initial Payment

Once offer is accepted initial payment of USD 5,000 should be submitted to ADU’s Finance Department (This includes repatriation deposit, residence visa application fee, student health insurance, and registration fee. Any balance amount will be credited towards first semester course fees)


All programs have multiple intake periods, please refer to the program details for further information. Additionally, The tuition fee calculations are an example only and are based on the assumption that elective courses will be taken with the College that the student is taking their major with. However, if the student selects elective courses outside of this College, the total cost payable may increase or decrease to reflect the tuition rate of the College where the elective is delivered.

The above fees are subject to VAT 5% excluding the accommodation

Costs of books and supplies are not included in the Tuition and Fees. Students at Abu Dhabi University are also required to pay certain fees and other costs to attend the University. Abu Dhabi University reserves the right to change tuition and fee rates at any time. A tuition schedule is published prior to registration for each semester.

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